BBQ Accessories

Here at Garden Gift Shop we have a fantastic selection of BBQ Accessories – we stock everything from warming racks and trays to thermometers, skewers, lighters and covers. Our range of BBQ tools make the perfect accompaniment for your BBQ and will help you cook up some mouth-watering delights. The accessories also make great gifts for the outdoor cooking enthusiasts so if your partner, relation or friend has a love for his BBQ, have a look and see if you can find something he’s missing from his toolkit.

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We have a wide range of BBQ tools and accessories so whatever you’re looking for we can help. Here’s a few examples of the products you will find in our range.

Fire Lighters – if you have a traditional charcoal barbecue we have a selection of electric BBQ starters and fire lighters. Don’t risk burning your fingers trying to light the BBQ with a cigarette lighter and newspaper (we’ve all been there – it’s not fun trying to read the paper with pages missing), get a proper lighter, it makes it a lot easier and the quicker the BBQs going, the faster you get to eat.

BBQ Covers – Don’t have room in the shed or simply can’t be bothered to clean it out (it’s always bottom of our to do list too) then invest in a BBQ cover. We have a variety of cover sizes so you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit. We also have gazebos and BBQ shelters in our range so you if you’re not a fan of tan lines or want to beat the rain, we have got you covered.

Burger Presses – No one enjoys playing with raw meat but everyone loves a homemade burger. Our range of single and double burger presses do the messy job for you, helping you to create the perfect burger.

Grill Mats – Don’t spend hours scrubbing your barbecue trying to remove burnt on food, take the proper peculations and use a grill mat. Our mats are also non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Thermometers – Ensure you cook your meat to perfection with our set of easy to use thermometers. Our thermometers have digital displays that tell you exactly how your meat is cooked. Take away the guessing game and say goodbye to leathery steaks with a black crust.

Skewers – Cook the perfect kebab and invest in some proper stainless steel skewers. Not only are the easier to wash than wooden sticks but they can be reused time and time again.

Coals & Wood Chips – Don’t forget the fuel for your fire or you’ll face a lot of hungry friends and family. If you don’t want socks for Christmas this year, make sure you remember the wood chips.

Whatever your BBQ needs, you will find everything you could possibly want in our accessories range. We have a large selection of BBQ tools to make sure you end up King of the Grill.