Outdoor Ovens

Using an outdoor pizza oven will create that authentic taste that you just can’t imitate.
Take a look through our great range of Outdoor Pizza Ovens and you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for your home or restaurant. Not only make great pizza but are used for many other types of cuisine. They are famous for pizzas in Italy, but equally famous in Greece for Kleftico which is a slow cooked lamb dish.


Outdoor Pizza Ovens for your Garden

Here at Garden Gift Shop, we specialise in outdoor cooking, but one of our passions is the outdoor ovens or outdoor pizza ovens. Still relatively new to the UK - in terms of a domestic outdoor ovens - they are becoming a huge success and very popular. We source the very best ovens from both the UK and Mainland Europe - all of our outdoor ovens are fully warranted, tried and tested by us. We work with some of the best manufacturers in Europe to ensure we can offer you the best choice of outdoor oven in terms of style, type and budget.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Delivery - All of our ovens are delivered to you from our own Warehouse, using a pallet delivery service. We will contact you before the delivery date and ensure we delivery your new pizza oven on a date that is convenient for you. They are packaged very well and will involve a small amount of unwrapping and material's to dispose of - this is to make absolutely sure that your new oven arrives safely to you.

Outdoor pizza oven styles - as you will see, at garden gift shop, we have many styles of oven to choose from. Our new gas fired pizza oven, is set to be very popular - for the customer who would like a combination of contemporary style with a lightweight structure and performs very well and fast. We are also proud to be one of the original suppliers of outdoor ovens to the UK market. Our traditional range of clay or brick ovens offer the best choice and balance of cost and performance.

With the exception of one oven, all of the range have a large internal cooking area - this is suitable for both small families but can offer a higher output of food for larger gatherings and garden parties - not only can they offer this flexibility - they all will last many years with only little maintenance which offers a good return on your initial investment.

All of our ovens, used outdoors, can be operated all year round - you really cannot beat a Christmas turkey cooked over a wood fire - or a slow cooked leg of lamb as the sun goes down on a summers evening.

Outdoor Oven Assembly - Most of our ovens are delivered completely assembled and require no work - with the exception of a couple. This ensures that you can have the oven delivered and ready to use in the shortest amount of time possible.

Wood Fired Cooking - an important point on using wood in an outdoor oven - it is essential for many reasons that only dry hardwood is used when firing your oven - if softwood or pines are used - it will smoke and the oven will not reach temperature. A hardwood of less than 20% moisture content will allow your oven to heat up correctly, offer more heat for a longer period and essentially burn almost smoke free - but still ensure your food has a lovely wood fired taste to it!

It is not difficult to use a wood fired outdoor oven - but it is very rewarding. The pleasure you will see when your family, friends and guest tuck into their first wood fired pizza - eaten within seconds of taking it out of your oven, is very special - it will be the talking point for the whole summer.