Food Smokers

If you need food smokers for great tasting and amazing results, then take a look at our extensive range to give you the results you need, rest assured it will be the best Smoked Food you eat! A cooking style which was once limited to a piece of fish, it is now expanding rapidly and used for commercial and fine dining in the home. Our range includes hot smokers ideal for smoking poultry, fish or game and a variety of equipment for cold smoking which is great for fish, nuts and cheese. In fact we class ourselves as the experts in the industry and can offer a variety of choice and knowledge to go with any product you choose whether it's for hot smoking or cold smoking.


Smoking Food - Latest trends

Cooking is a trend in itself, the amount of TV programs related to food and cooking is testament to this. In particular cooking outdoors and with your BBQ is a popular pass time in the UK. We are spending more of our hard earned money on new equipment and gadgets for making good food at home - food that we have seen or tasted whilst on holiday or perhaps on the TV. Celebrity Chefs too are great for showing us different ways to cook and prepare on their own programs or at festivals and events.

It has never been easier now to buy the equipment to help you achieve perfect results - in this category we will show you many high quality products to give you these experiences in the kitchen or garden - Smoking food is a great way to add flavour and try something different. Feel free to give us a call & we can guide you through what you might need or even some tips and recipes. We have a selection of food smokers for every Customer.