Outdoor Pizza Ovens

How do you like your pizza? Thin crisp base, soft crust, melted cheese, fresh toppings. There’s a reason Italian pizza tastes so much better and it’s down to the unique cooking style of the pizza oven. You don’t need to go all the way to Italy to experience those culinary delights however, with our selection of pizza ovens, you can enjoy the deliciousness from the comforts of your own home. Pizza ovens are soaring in popularity and that is very much down to their extraordinary taste. Using a pizza oven will create that authentic Italian taste that you just can’t imitate.
All our ovens are powerful and reliable; they have a great capacity, reach high temperatures, cook evenly and deliver a crunch you can only dream of. Plus, our outdoor pizza ovens come in a variety of styles. We have traditional clay ovens, cosy wood burning pizza ovens, multi-purpose pizza ovens, and decorative mosaic effect ovens. We have a selection of styles so you can choose one that best fits your garden or patio area.

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Outdoor Pizza Ovens for your Garden

Here at Garden Gift Shop we specialise in outdoor cooking and one of our greatest passions are outdoor pizza ovens. Still relatively new to the UK they are becoming an enormous success and are proving to be very popular. We source the very best pizza ovens from both the UK and Mainland Europe to ensure we can offer you the best choice of pizza oven in terms of style, type and budget. With the exception of one oven, all of the range have a large internal cooking area - this is suitable for both small families but can offer a higher output of food for larger gatherings and garden parties - not only can they offer this flexibility - they all will last many years with only little maintenance which offers a good return on your initial investment. All of our pizza ovens, used outdoors, can be operated all year round - you really cannot beat a Christmas turkey cooked over a wood fire - or a slow cooked leg of lamb as the sun goes down on a summers evening.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Styles

As you will see, at Garden Gift Shop, we have many styles of oven to choose from. Our new gas fired pizza oven, are proving to be very popular. Gas fired pizza ovens are advantageous for controlling cooking temperature, they burn for longer and require less effort and attention. They are ideal for large families who like great food but also appreciate convenience. We also stock the more traditional wood burning pizza ovens. Wood fired pizza ovens heat faster, reach soaring temperatures and they add a unique and special smoky taste to your food when cooking. Aside from the different fuel types we also have an extensive range of different styles available so you choose an oven that fits in with your garden or outdoor environment. If you shop our range you will find a selection of brick and stone ovens in various colours. We also have a unique mosaic print pizza oven which apart from cooking up a storm, will be sure to add some character to your garden design. Whatever style you prefer we will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Delivery

All of our pizza ovens are delivered to you from our own Warehouse, using a pallet delivery service. We will contact you before the delivery date and ensure we deliver your new pizza oven on a date that is convenient for you. They are packaged very well and will involve a small amount of unwrapping and material to dispose of - this is to make absolutely sure that your new oven arrives safely to you. Pizza Oven Assembly - Most of our ovens are delivered completely assembled and require no work - with the exception of a couple. This ensures that you can have the oven delivered and ready to use in the shortest amount of time possible.