Charcoal BBQs

If you want to truly experience that authentic BBQ flavour then choose one of our charcoal grills. We have a wide range of charcoal BBQs to suit every garden size and requirement. From smaller portable BBQs to dual burners and BBQs with complete cooking stations, our impressive range includes everything you could possibly want.
We only stock charcoal BBQs from high quality manufacturers so you can rest assured when shopping with Garden Gift Shop, you are investing in long-lasting quality.
The Tepro Toronto BBQ is our bestselling grill, with a huge surface area and a charcoal bed which can be raised or lowered it makes grilling a pleasant experience for all. Tepro Toronto grills are American style barbecues that not only deliver amazingly powerful cooking stations, they have aplenty of hidden features designed to make your cooking experience much more delightful. If the Tepro grill is not for you, we have a broad range of other manufacturers available in our range so you are guaranteed to find the perfect barbecue for you.

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Charcoal BBQs

We have a large selection of charcoal barbecues that are sure to deliver some flavoursome treats. Charcoal BBQs are still a popular favourite because of their unique tastes. When you barbecue on a charcoal grill your food becomes infused with a smokey taste and food lovers enjoy this a lot. Gas and electric BBQs are great for convenience but charcoal barbecues deliver authentic tastes you just can’t resist. Charcoal BBQs are also quick to heat, reach soaring temperatures and they tend to be a lot cheaper to buy than other fuel typed grills. If you’re unsure about which BBQ to get, then charcoal grills are really for the food enthusiasts. If you love smoking your food and truly appreciate that unique chargrilled taste then there really isn’t any competition.

Why shop our range of charcoal BBQs?

When you see the selection of charcoal grills we have in stock, you will probably already know the answer to this question. We only believe in quality, there’s no point buying a BBQ now and having to splash out again in a year or two’s time. We want you to invest in something that is going to be longlasting so you get every single penny of your money’s worth. That’s why we only buy our BBQs from leading manufacturers, we find the best products and stock them at even better prices. We also believe in giving you choice because everyone’s garden and family sizes differ. Some of you may be looking for a smaller BBQ that you can easily pack away into the garden shed, some may be looking a charcoal BBQ with a full cooking station, others might want to combine their grills with a fire pit so they really maximise those warm summer nights. We understand that everyone’s needs are different so we wanted to make sure our range had something for everyone.