BBQ Rotisseries

BBQ rotisseries create succulent and evenly cooked BBQ rotisserie food.  Now a very popular way to cook food over hot coals or gas. With a rotisserie the food is evenly cooked and allows any marinades or spices to fully flavour the food. Because it is rotated as it cooks the result is an extremely moist and not overcooked piece of meat. A rotisserie basket can be added allowing chicken wings or vegetables to cooked - further enhancing your BBQ Menu.

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BBQ rotisseries ensure you cook the juiciest and most tender joints of meat. The rotisseries allow you to rotate your food evenly while cooking, ensuring your meat is cooked perfectly throughout. Say goodbye to red centres and black skins, and say hello to perfection. Our range of barbecue rotisseries will also do the hard work for you. Cooking on a rotisserie is great but the effort required to continually spin the meat takes away all the enjoyment. We can take away that pain however, our range only contains battery powered or electric BBQ rotisseries – meaning you can let the grill do the work for you and you can put your feet up with a beer. Make sure you don’t look too relaxed however, maybe pretend to cast an eye every now and again or you might get roped into prepping the table or doing some other household chores.

Apart from the taste benefits, you will also find numerous health benefits when you use a BBQ rotisserie – which is exactly what you want to hear when you’re surrounded by lots of amazing food. The constant rotation process of rotisserie cooking means a lot of the fat from the meat is often drained while cooking. If the food is healthier, you can eat more right?

We stock only the highest quality products at Garden Gift Shop so you can trust our equipment is designed to last. Our rotisseries contain high powered electric motors so you can produce evenly cooked meat time after time. We make sure the rotisseries we stock are compatible with most BBQs so you don’t have to replace your grill – although if you want, we have a pretty impressive range of barbecues that you might want to take a peek at. We also have four prong rotisserie forks and extra-long spits to ensure your meat stays secure – no BBQ disasters on our watch, just tasty treats. Our products also come with balancing weights to further secure your food when cooking.

Our BBQ rotisseries are easy to use, simple to attach, work with most grills and have all the equipment to make sure your meat doesn’t move – well apart from rotating obviously. We’ve got everything you need covered so the only thing you need to think about is what to cook first. We’d recommend a nice leg of lamb but we’ll leave that to you.