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Universal Cover for Pit Barrel Smokers

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Product Features:
  • High quality, durable polyester
  • Neutral beige colour
  • Air vents prevent moisture build-up
  • Water-repellent
  • UV resistant
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If you’re a lover of everything barbecue, you’re probably familiar with the fact that buying the best equipment you can afford results in better quality food - and, ultimately, happier, well-fed family and friends.

Trying to cook up a sumptuous barbecue meal for ten guests with a couple of disposable barbecues will simply result in frustration, burnt or uncooked food - and maybe even the odd stomach ache afterwards!

But if you go to the expense and trouble of seeking out and buying the best equipment, you need to ensure you look after it properly. That means protecting it from the elements, so it doesn’t get damaged by the rain, wind or the brief moments of sun we get in summer.

If you’ve invested in a Pit Barrel BBQ Smoker to cook and smoke your barbecue food, well done - you’ll be serving up succulent, smoky food to your guests in no time at all! But you’ll probably want to buy a Universal Cover for Pit Barrel BBQ Smoker in order to keep it in tip-top condition.

The Universal Cover for Pit Barrel BBQ Smoker from Tepro comes in a choice of small, medium or large.

Small: 114cm x 66.4cm x 109.2cm (WxDxH) the perfect partner for the Offset BBQ Pit Smoker 1038.

Medium: 125.7cm x 73cm x 119.4cm (WxDxH) fits snugly around a medium-sized smoker to keep it protected at all times. It is also suitable for the Tepro 1087 (Biloxi Smoker).

Large: 172.2cm x 89cm x 147.3cm (WxDxH) fits the Tepro 1049 (Milwaukee Smoker) and 1146 (Indianapolis Heavy Duty Smoker).

As you would expect, these covers are made from a high quality, durable material which will give you years of trouble-free service. The polyester fabric has a high-tech PVB coating which is both water-repellent, so it will withstand any amount of rain or sprinkler abuse, and UV resistant, so on the rare occasions we do have a heatwave, there will be no damage to your precious barbecue from those harmful rays.

The Universal Cover for Pit Barrel BBQ Smoker comes in a neutral, attractive beige colour, so it won’t jar with the rest of your garden or stick out like a sore thumb when in use. It can be used to cover your smoker while it’s out in the garden over the summer, or when it’s put away for the winter in your shed or garage.

Made to perfectly fit your smoker, the cover comes complete with easy to use Velcro fasteners, so it will provide a tight but airy custom-fit. In addition, the cover has sizeable, handy air vents on the side, in order to ensure that fresh air can circulate around your barbecue. This means that no moisture will be retained either after use or through condensation and your equipment will be adequately protected from the heinous possibility of rust.

Whether you are a barbecue addict who just has to fire up the equipment every time the sun shines, or a ‘once-in-a-while’ fan who waits for a heatwave before getting the grill on, the Universal Cover for Pit Barrel BBQ Smoker is ideal for keeping your smoker in good condition all year round.

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