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BBQ Grill Large Fish Broiler Basket

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Product Features:
  • Helps you achieve perfect results every time you grill or barbecue fish
  • Heat insulating plastic handle for added comfort and safety
  • Use with any suitable fish of your choice
  • designed to easily to turn your fish during cooking
  • Generously proportioned 66cm overall
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The Large Fish Broiler makes it easy to perfectly cook delicious fish on your barbecue or grill. Don't be put off grilling fish because you're worried about it breaking up or being difficult to handle - thanks to the simple yet incredibly efficient design, you'll never have to worry about your fish sticking to the grill or breaking up again. The basket holds the fish of your choice securely in place and makes it easy to turn when you're ready, to ensure even cooking on both sides. Simply place your fish inside the basket, close it and cook it for the recommended time.

No matter what your favourite barbecued fish, you'll never look back after using the Large Fish Broiler. The handle is manufactured from heat insulating plastic, making it safe and easy to turn your fish over without special tools or heat-resistant gloves. With a generous overall length of approximately 66cm, you won't need to get too close to the flames or heat source either. The basket holds one fish at a time, so it's worth buying more than one if you tend to entertain a lot and you want serve all your guests at once.

The broiler basket ensures you'll get professional standard results whatever type of fish you choose to cook. An essential part of any keen cook's kit, the Large Fish Broiler can be used time and time again. Simply clean it after use and put it away until the next time you want to enjoy perfectly grilled fish.

Excellent BBQ accessory

Using one of these fish baskets is by far the best way of cooking a whole fish on the BBQ. This particular one is solidly made and very reasonably priced.Totally happy with it.
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