Electric Grills

The great thing about an electric BBQ is that it allows you to enjoy BBQs all year round! You can use our electric BBQs indoors or outdoors so if the weather is less than great on a day you crave mouth-watering BBQ goodness, that’s not a problem. Simply cook in the dining room or conservatory.
We have a large selection of electric BBQs, many of which are table top models – perfect for using in the kitchen or taking camping. We also stock electric BBQs with a stand so you can use them outdoors in the garden. All of our grills have a high power element which enables a great barbecuing experience – they provide a searing heat so you can enjoy the BBQ cooking experience with a hardly any effort.
We also stock Raclette and Teppanyaki electric grills, who are renowned for their quality, so if you want high powered electric grills from leading manufacturers we have you catered for.

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Cooking with an electric BBQ is so easy and convenient. You can cook anywhere, anytime with no hassle. Simply plug in the grill and away you go. Here at Garden Gift Shop we have a wide range of electric grills – either tabletop or on a stand, so whatever you’re looking for, you will be able to find the right barbecue for you.

Electric BBQs are becoming an increasingly popular BBQ option. Like our gas BBQs they are simple, easy to use and you can control cooking temperatures a lot more easily. You also don’t have to worry about lighting fires and running out of fuels, electric barbecues are a reliable option.

Electric barbecues are also popular due to their costs. They are cheap grills that are cheap to run. Rather than having to buy expensive fuel, they simply use your household electricity – and if you’re unsure about soaring energy bills, there is no need to worry. Electric grills use no more electricity than your normal cooker so you don’t need to worry about increases to your utility bills.

Electric grills also tend to deliver healthy meals. Their cooking style drains away any fat from your food, leaving you with grease free food. Electric barbecues are also easy to clean. Rather than having to scrub away at burnt on food or remove hot ashes, you can simple clean the grills with a cloth – obviously wait until they have cooled first.

Electric BBQs are an environmentally friendly option that makes life easier. If you don’t want to spend ages cooking and cleaning but still want to enjoy the BBQ experience this grill could be for you.