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Cast Iron Cooking Grid Inlay for Grid in Grid System

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Product Features:
  • Made from strong and durable cast iron
  • Helps speed up cooking time
  • Size: Approximately 30.5cm
  • Compatible with Tepro’s 57cm Grid-in-Grid system
  • Heats up quickly and retains its temperature/li>
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The warmer weather inevitably brings dreams of long, scorching hot summers, entertaining our best friends and family in the garden, and of eating al fresco at every available opportunity.

And we don’t call hot, sunny days ‘barbecue weather’ for nothing! The summer weather brings out the outdoor cook in all of us, as we dig out the barbecue equipment from the shed, rush to the supermarket for burgers, buns, chicken pieces and salmon steaks, and invite the neighbours round for a convivial get-together over a glass or two of wine.

But before you start firing up the charcoal, remember you will get the most out of your barbecue if you buy the best equipment for the job. While perfectly ideal for camping trips, everyone knows disposable barbecues are not going to give you the same mouth-watering results you will get from a proper, well-made, barbecue system.

Similarly, you won’t get the same tender steaks and brilliant burgers by using the cheapest of accessories.

Tepro’s Grid-in-Grid system is an exciting new concept for your BBQ. If you have one of their new BBQs, the chances are you have a grill grid with a removable centre. If not, don’t despair, we do sell their 57cm Main Grill Grid which is compatible with most round gas and charcoal BBQs and offers this facility. You can then lift out the centre and replace it with one of Tepro’s optional inlays.

This cast iron cooking grid is one such inlay you can choose from. Manufactured out of cast iron, which is so durable it will last and last, the inlay will enable you to cook a wide range of barbecue food in the shortest time possible.

As cast iron heats up quickly and maintains that heat for longer than some other materials, it means your food will be ready to be served in no time at all. Great when you’ve got hungry children waiting!

Almost all foodstuffs can be grilled on this cast iron cooking grill inlay, from the thickest steaks to the thinnest burgers, from succulent salmon to tasty, healthy vegetables. And, in a move which will impress your guests even more, the inlay has the added benefit of stamping a typical striped grill pattern on your food. Nothing looks more professional than a perfectly-cooked, striped, chargrilled burger!

The cast iron cooking grill inlay measures 30.5cm, so you can cook plenty of food in one go - after all, you don’t want to keep your friends and family waiting, do you? And don’t forget you can still be cooking other food that doesn’t require chargrilling on the remainder of the grid.

So remember, there’s little point wasting money on cheap barbecue accessories. Spend a little more, and you are assured of wowing your guests with the most impressive of barbecue food around - and all in double-quick time.

This cast iron cooking grill inlay fits into Tepro’s 57cm Grid-in-Grid System. Other accessories are available to complement the system, enabling you to adopt a wide range cooking methods.

So what are you waiting for? The warmer weather will soon be here - get your barbecue all ready for action, and you’ll be all set for that much-anticipated heatwave as soon as it arrives!

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