Alfa Pizza Wood Fired Ovens

Alfa Pizza are genuine Italian Wood Fired Oven manufacturers who produce the finest pizza ovens. Their brand has been established for over 35 years and all of their outdoor ovens are made in Italy with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Their range includes a selection of steel ovens made with exciting modern designs. While their range includes some of the most stunning pizza oven designs on the market, they also retain the best performance you have ever seen in any wood fired oven. They can fire up from 0 to 250 degrees in 3 minutes and they don’t take much longer to achieve higher pizza cooking temperatures.
While Alfa Pizza ovens are renowned for cooking the perfect Italian pizza, you can also cook a wide range of other tasty decisions in these high-performance ovens. Whatever your food choice however you can guarantee evenly cooked food and mouth-watering tastes.

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Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Wood burning ovens remain the most popular type of pizza oven because of their authentic taste. It is common knowledge that food connoisseurs love authentic cooking experiences and the wood fired oven is perfect for imitating the Italian pizza making mastery.

While wood fired pizza ovens are renowned for their pizza making, outdoor cooking enthusiasts have found their talents expand to the production of a wide range of other culinary delights. Not only does these wood fired ovens add a great smoky taste to your foods, they are great at producing healthier meals. When grilling meat, the oven drains your joint of any grease and fat leaving you with a succulent taste. When roasting vegetables the quicker cooking process allows your veg to keep their nutrients and antioxidants – which are often drained when cooking in conventional ovens.

Wood burning ovens are an environmentally friendly and cheaper cooking alternative than conventional ovens. Their wood burning fuel uses less energy which is better for the environment but also great for your electricity or gas bill. Our range of Alfa Pizza ovens are powerful ovens capable of reaching high temperatures in a short space of time speeding up your cooking times.

An important point to consider when using wood in an outdoor oven is that it is essential for many reasons that only dry hardwood is used when firing your oven. If softwood or pines are used - it will smoke and the oven will not reach temperature. A hardwood of less than 20% moisture content will allow your oven to heat up correctly, offer more heat for a longer period and essentially burn almost smoke free - but still ensure your food has a lovely wood fired taste to it!

It is not difficult to use a wood fired outdoor oven - but it is very rewarding. The pleasure you will see when your family, friends and guest tuck into their first wood fired pizza - eaten within seconds of taking it out of your oven, is very special - it will be the talking point for the whole summer. You can also use your outdoor oven to heat up your outdoor area or create a romantic ambience when spending warm evenings in the garden with your partner. Log fires and fire pits have become increasingly popular in recent years and your outdoor wood fired oven can also be used for this purpose.