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Pizza Stone Inlay for Grid in Grid System

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Product Features:
  • Create delicious and authentic tasting Italian pizzas time after time
  • Can also be used to bake bread or pastries
  • Compatible with 57cm Grid-in-Grid System
  • Manufactured from high quality cordierite
  • Adds versatility to your BBQ
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Pizza simply never goes out of fashion and with the handy Pizza Stone Inlay from Tepro, you will be able to prepare delicious and authentic tasting pizzas whenever you like. Loved by young and old, pizza is one of the UK's most popular foods - and for good reason. A perfectly cooked pizza is light, tasty and delicious, but it's not always possible to recreate the taste and texture of a professionally cooked pizza in your own home. The Pizza Stone Inlay allows you to recreate the taste of Italy. The inlay is manufactured using the highest quality Cordierite and makes it simple for even novice chefs to cook professional standard pizzas.

Cordierite is a mineral, capable of handling extreme temperatures well. It is thermal shock resistant so you can take a cordierite stone from a low to very high temperature without the risk of it breaking. It will cook pizzas evenly, without any hotspots, providing a crisp crust.

Whether you prefer traditional pizza toppings or like to add a unique twist to your creations, the Pizza Stone Inlay ensures you'll get perfect results time after time. While it's perfectly acceptable to let your imagination run wild, the best Italian pizza chefs pride themselves on letting the natural flavours of their high quality ingredients shine through. Play it safe with the finest mozzarella, tomato and oregano for a delicious, classic margherita pizza to really show off your cooking skills. Alternatively, add some high quality pepperoni for the meat lovers, or throw on a load of tasty roast vegetables to add colour and texture to your pizza creation. Add olives for an extra Mediterranean flavour, or prawns if you like to mix things up a little. If you like the spicy side of life, finely sliced chillies are a great way to perk up any pizza. For a contemporary twist on an old favourite, why not try soft, creamy goat's cheese with a splash of sweet chilli sauce? Or add spinach and an egg to your pizza for a real show-stopping finish.

Pizza is the perfect food for any gathering - whether a lively celebration or a quiet family meal. It's ideal for sharing and guests can take as few or as many slices as they like, making it the ultimate party food.

The Pizza Stone Inlay isn't just for pizzas, however. It makes it easy to produce delicious Tarte Flambée too or even bake bread, by turning your grill into an oven.

The clever Tepro grid-in-grid system opens up a world of culinary possibilities to you and ensures you'll be able to impress your guests, time and time again. Simply remove the centre of their specially designed cooking grid and replace with it with this fabulous, versatile Pizza Stone Inlay, which is compatible with the 57cm version of the system. The stone itself has a 28.5cm diameter.

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