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BBQ Chimney Starter and Charcoal Lighter

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Product Features:
  • High quality black painted steel
  • Ergonomic plastic handle with safety guard
  • 17cm diameter
  • Quick combustion
  • Cleaner and more efficient than lighter fuel
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If you enjoy spending the long evenings entertaining friends and family with delicious barbecue-cooked food, you should take some time to consider the best equipment to invest in. A decent set of barbecue accessories will ensure that you make the best possible impression on your guests!

Many people assume that the only way to light their barbecue is with lighter fuel applied to the charcoal directly under the cooking area or with firelighters. There are several disadvantages to this technique, not least that food can become tainted by the accelerant, leaving a nasty taste in the mouth - quite literally or that it can be highly dangerous. However, there is a better, safer way. This chimney starter by Tepro is a deceptively simple bit of kit that will take all the effort out of getting a great barbecue going and your food will be left uncontaminated.

The chimney starter is essentially a hollow cylinder made of black painted steel with a hole at either end and divided by a grate, with air holes around the base. There is a large handle with safety guard for easy handling and filling.

Pack the base of the chimney with newspaper, filling the main compartment with charcoal then stand the chimney starter in the base of your empty barbecue, where it is safe and unlikely to topple over. Light the newspaper via the holes in the base then wait!

After 10-15 minutes you will have perfectly hot coals, ready to start barbecuing.

This chimney starter draws air through the charcoal, lifting the flames as it goes. As the coals are in a confined space, it ensures each of the coals is targeted by flames, reducing the amount of time it takes to light and optimise the charcoal for cooking.

Now it is time to transfer your hot coals to the BBQ. The way you lay them out is of course dependent on whether you are choosing to cook over indirect or direct heat. Once you have them nicely arranged, pop the cooking grate back on.

Once you’ve finished with the chimney starter, it is very important that you store it away somewhere safe, as it will retain its heat for quite some time and could be a hazard to children or pets.

In the simplest terms, using a chimney starter is by far the best way to get your coals burning quickly, cleanly and efficiently in a safe way. No more tainted food so you can enjoy the full benefit and flavour of barbecued food.

Great idea

A great product - recommended by a friend to get one of these to speed up lighting of charcoal to a cooking temperature. Worked a treat and was easy to use. Item as delivered exactly when expected and was well packaged.
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