Pizza Oven Accessories

Here at Garden Gift Shop we have a wide range of pizza oven accessories to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. We have everything from complete pizza oven accessory kits to individual outdoor oven tools. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or looking for a certain item in particular you will be available to find an extensive selection of items in our outdoor oven accessories range.

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Here at Garden Gift Shop we have a wide range of outdoor oven cooking tools and utensils. We have complete outdoor cooking tool kits including a selection of pizza peels so you can remove your pizza in one piece, brushes so you can ensure your cooking area is cleaned thoroughly after and hooks so you can safely tend to the fire, should you have a wood fired pizza oven.

We also sell a range of oven accessories individually because we understand that different types of outdoor oven require different equipment. You will find everything from temperature gauges to roasting spits.

Our temperature gauges are crucial for any outdoor oven. Your oven may read temperatures but the floor of your oven can take longer to heat. Before attempting to bake your pizza, you should you a temperature gauge to ensure the bottom of the oven meets the correct temperature requirements. This will speed up your cooking but also help you create that dreamy crisp Italian pizza base.

If you already have or are considering purchasing our Mediterrani oven, you might want to consider our roasting spit. Whether you are cooking your joint at high temperatures or slowly roasting, our roasting spit will ensure your meat rotates evenly cooking your food all the way through. Our spits are measured to make them the perfect fit for our outdoor ovens. We also have large grills available to make cooking a lot easier – ideal for cooking cuts of meats rather than joints. You can also use the grill to achieve those enviable chargrilled stripes

When you’ve cooked the perfect pizza the last thing you want is for it to collapse as you try and juggle it from the oven to the plate. Our large pizza peels help you transfer your pizza to the plate safely and easily.

We also have cleaning equipment so you can your oven in top condition. Our brushes contain a scraper to help you removed burnt food and a brush so you can remove any ashes. They are also suitable for use in a hot oven so you don’t have to wait ages for the oven to cool. You can quickly clean up after use and make the most of the rest of your evening.