Masonry BBQs

If you love outdoor cooking and enjoy making the most of every ray of sunshine then this is the barbecue for you. Masonry BBQs are made from solid materials such as brick, slate or stone, depending on the style you prefer, so you can trust that they are designed to last. Masonry barbecues tend to be double walled, making them strong enough to withstand the seasonal weather changes, meaning you don’t have to worry about dismantling throughout the year. The masonry BBQ is designed to stay put all year round so should you see fit, you can enjoy dinner outside any time you like. Aside from their heavy-duty shell, masonry barbecues also benefit from powerful grills and stunning designs, guaranteed to put you at the envy of your neighbours.

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Masonry BBQs are a favourite of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Their strong shell means they have permanent residence in your garden or on your patio, meaning you can use them anytime with little effort. While the most common choice of fuel for the masonry BBQ is charcoal, this type of barbecue provides you with a choice. You can burn a variety of fuels – wood chips, logs or charcoals but you can also look at installing gas burners. Masonry barbecues have a great degree of flexibility to accompany their longevity. They are a serious barbecue so if you fancy yourself king of the grill, we’d recommend you have a look at our impressive range.

Masonry BBQs are also known for their style element. Most BBQs look the same and while they can cook up a storm they probably won’t match up with your flowers beds and oak garden furniture. Masonry BBQs come in a variety of stunning designs and aside from their impressive cooking abilities, this is one of the most important factors in why they are a proven favourite with BBQ lovers. When looking for garden accessories, people often want their furniture and cooking equipment to blend in with their garden design. Masonry BBQs certainly offer this option.

How to Choose your Masonry BBQ and Improve your Barbecue Experience

Choosing a Masonry BBQ is also about the style and appearance, and not just the barbecue performance. As they can be made using stone, concrete and brick materials, you have a variety of options. Whether you prefer smooth stone, slate, house bricks or a mix match of textures, we have a broad range of barbecues so you can consider what will fit nicely into your current garden or outdoor barbecue area. If you’re not bothered about the aesthetics that is fine, masonry BBQs have a lot of other benefits but unlike with other BBQs at least you have that option.

Your choice of BBQ may be associated with the fuel types – you have may prefer the tastes of charcoal or the convenience of gas. Masonry BBQs are versatile in fuel so you can choose what you prefer. A lot of traditional masonry BBQs use charcoal because they have a built-in chimney to get rid of the fumes safely. The chimney is one of the benefits of masonry barbecues, you can enjoy the mouth-watering charcoal tastes without having to worry about the smell of smoke. Some people prefer to burn logs or wood chips in their barbecues so they can maximise its use and treat the masonry BBQ as a fire pit or patio heater as well.

When choosing a barbecue, you may also want to consider your space. If you have a larger space to fill we have masonry BBQs with cooking stations and side tables so you can really get the fulfilment from your outdoor cooking space.

Whatever considerations you make when choosing your masonry BBQ – whether that’s the styles, the fuel type or space – we have a vast range where you will be sure to find exactly what you want.

All of our Masonry BBQ's have been manufactured to a very high standard and are supplied with a hard-wearing grill. Masonry Barbecues are extremely easy to assemble - albeit heavy so you might want to rope in an extra pair of hands! Manufactured with concrete and Stone, masonry BBQs are designed to last you year after year.

Some of our masonry BBQs come with a built in chimney. This is to ensure a good airflow over the charcoal or lumpwood, providing efficient burning whilst taking away any smoke from the user.

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