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BBQ Steak Grilling Thermometer Probes Set of 4

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Product Features:
  • Simple to use
  • Take the guesswork out of barbecue cooking
  • Serve up perfectly-cooked meat every time
  • Discreet and easy to clean
  • Family-sized set
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These days, barbecue meals don’t have to mean serving up burnt bangers and charred chicken. In fact, with the help of this set of four meat thermometers, you can dish out restaurant-quality meals with the minimum amount of effort and fuss.

Forget having to choose between raw, extra-crisp or black, when you barbecue. These thermometers mean that you and your family and friends can enjoy your barbecued meat exactly as you like it. The sensors place technological help at your fingertips, wherever you choose to cook, and the easy-to-read dials make it simple to tell exactly when your meat is ready to serve.

The displays will tell you when your meat is cooked ‘rare’, ‘medium’ or ‘well done’, allowing you to cook like a chef every time. Your friends and family will feel like they’re at a restaurant when you ask them how they would like their meat to be cooked. It’s certainly a far cry from the singed chicken wings and burnt burgers of days gone by.

Barbecues have come a long way in recent years and have become more versatile than ever before. These thermometers will help you keep up with the trend for kitchen-standard outdoor food. After all, what’s the point in investing in a great barbecue, if your food still comes off looking dreadful or tasting burnt?

These little barbecue thermometers are small enough to be used discreetly, too. They only measure 3cm x 0.5cm x 7cm and this means that you won’t have to confess to having a little help with your cooking timings - unless you want to, of course. They’re also incredibly easy to store and keep clean and offer a simple way to get great tasting meat.

Some guests may actually appreciate knowing that you are using quality tools to make sure that the meat you serve is going to taste delicious and be cooked exactly as they like it, but that it will be safe to eat as well. Bad barbecues can lead to all sorts of tummy troubles, but this set of four meat thermometers follows the example set by many professional kitchens and takes the guesswork out of cooking meat.

There’s no risk of serving up chicken that is burnt on the outside but raw within, or ribs that haven’t been heated up well enough. These meat thermometers will ensure that your guests leave with nothing more than good memories after eating your barbecue fare.

The stainless-steel housing makes these thermometers robust and durable, meaning that you can enjoy safe and tasty barbecue food for a long time to come. The only problem you may have is keeping the guests away, if you keep serving up barbecued food that tastes so good.

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