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Universal Cover for Hog Roast Grill

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Product Features:
  • Manufactured from high quality polyester fabric
  • UV resistant to withstand the sun's rays
  • Convenient and easy to use hook and loop fastening
  • Supplied with air vents to provide ventilation
  • Treated with water repellent PVB coating
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The tough, durable Universal Cover for Hog Roast Grill can withstand wind and rain, protecting your grill from everyday weather conditions. It also keeps your grill clean and prevents dirt, leaves and other debris from landing on it while it's not in use. This handy cover allows you to store your grill outside until it's time to fire it up once more. You no longer need to worry about storing your grill indoors or finding a suitable dry and sheltered area in which to keep it.

Made by Tepro and manufactured from a tough, high quality polyester, the cover is coated with water-repellent PVB. It is also UV resistant, so can stand up to the strong rays of the sun.

The cover feature air vents to keep your grill properly ventilated, which prevents damp or condensation build up which in turn could lead to damaging rust.

Supplied in a neutral beige colour, so it will blend in with its surroundings and will not overpower your garden, the cover measures 209cm x 69cm x 76cm (WxDxH). This cover is also suitable for use with Tepro’s Columbus Hog Roast Grill.

After you've finished using your grill, simply clean it as usual then put the cover on, securing it with the hook-and-loop fasteners so the wind can’t make a grab for your cover in windy weather conditions.

Superb quality, you will not be disappointed with this Universal Cover which will extend the life of your Hog Roast Grill.

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