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Large Wood Fired Pizza Oven Package

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Product Features:
  • Attractive stainless steel oven with open fronted, wheeled base unit
  • Generous cooking floor, 80cm x 55cm with Real fire bricks
  • Reaches 350°C within 10 minutes
  • Capable of a top temperature of 500°C
  • Set includes oven brush, pizza peel, cookery book, a cover plus 10% off cooking lessons with Manna from Devon Cooking School
Price: £749.00
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Not one for BBQs, but still enjoy dining outside?

Have you ever considered a wood-fired pizza oven? Designed with pizzas in mind, they reach the high temperatures conducive with cooking the perfect pizza with a crispy base but they are so versatile, you could add pretty much what you like to the menu.

This large outdoor stainless steel pizza oven includes a matching open fronted base unit with side tables and wheels. Unlike masonry ovens which can weigh anything from 450kg upwards, this is comparatively portable, weighing just 130kg so you can take it with you if you decide to move on.

The large dome is thermally insulated, robust stainless steel whilst the ample cooking floor, 80cm x 55cm is real fire brick, ideal for stone baking up to four pizzas in one go.

This wood-fired oven can reach 350°C within 10 minutes. You can control the temperature by simply using more or less logs, depending whether you want to maintain or increase the temperature, to a maximum of 500°C. A built-in temperature gauge enables you to see when the oven has reached the optimum heat.

Not only can you create a range of exciting pizzas, from thin or thick crust to stuffed crust and calzone, with a fantastic choice of toppings or fillings, you can cross continents to cook Indian tandoor style, roast meat, fish or vegetables, bake pasta dishes, casseroles – the list is endless. The oven is also ideal for bread based products, even cakes and desserts! So you could easily make a three course extravaganza for family and friends.

The oven features a built-in door, chimney, flue extension and cowl. The base provides ample storage for logs, whilst the side shelves are perfect for tools and accessories or prepared dishes.

A set of free accessories come with this oven making this a comprehensive bundle, particularly for those that have never had an outdoor oven before. An easy to fit cover with front zipper, will provide your oven with additional protection during adverse weather. An Oven Brush, with a stainless steel scraper on one side and brass wire bristles on the other is the perfect implement for keeping your oven clean and ready for use. A professional Pizza Peel, comprising an aluminium base and wooden handle is essential to place pizzas in the oven and remove them safely. Covering every aspect of cooking in a wood-fired oven, including instructions on seasoning, lighting, controlling temperatures and 70 recipes is the Wood-Fired Oven Cookbook by Holly and David Jones. Finally, a 10% discount voucher for cooking lessons with Manna from Devon Cooking School completes this package.

This incredibly stylish oven boasts quality components and finish, combined with exceptional performance and great thermal insulation so heat can be retained for long periods. With a fabulous accessory bundle included, this Wood-Fired Stainless Steel Pizza Oven offers superb value for money.

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