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Mediterrani Royal Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Product Features:
  • Excellent quality, handmade clay outdoor pizza oven
  • Huge cooking capacity
  • Offers a versatile choice of cooking methods
  • Functional and stylish
  • Available in a choice of two sizes
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The Mediterrani Royal Outdoor Pizza Oven is very good quality - it is a traditional clay oven but has very special insulation.

The clay oven is hand made using high quality refractory clay - made into a traditional shape dome that has been used for many years through generations of oven makers. The clay oven is then layered with insulation and refractory mortar to give the insulation and thermal mass required to achieve high temperature cooking and have the ability to retain the heat too for slow cooking. The special coating on the outside finishes the thermal properties - in fact the oven is so efficient you can touch the outside of the oven whilst at full temperature without burning yourself - this is not an advised test though!

Whilst outdoor pizza ovens need to be functional and perform to a standard - they also need to add some style to your garden. The Mediterrani Royal is no exception - this lovely pizza oven is crammed with quality - from the front of the oven the "tunnel" is finished in a lovely real brick and doors are attached that are made from cast iron, they are heavy duty and extremely high quality. The oven also has a temperature gauge that will read up to 500 degrees C - this is fitted to the side of the oven.

Whilst pizza cooking and Slow cooking is great fun - you can also use this outdoor oven for spit roasting - it is supplied with the spit support for inside the oven and also the hole in the doors is already there. This will allow you to purchase one of our manual oven spits and cook to perfection suckling pigs or large joints of meat - including two or three chickens.

The oven is large enough to feed lots of people - you can easily fit a few roasting dishes or casserole pots in there.

The outer dimensions are 100 cm square with the corners rounded off - internally the oven is approximately 74cm wide and front to back around 80cm. The oven weighs a total of approximately 500kg and is also supplied and delivered in its own protective pallet crate.

We dispatch our ovens with a pallet carrier and deliver on an agreed date with your confirmation - so there are no surprises. There must be someone home to receive the delivery.

Our Royal Pizza Oven is available in two sizes 100cm and a huge 120cm! Please call us on 01522 704505 if you require the larger 120cm oven as this size is made to order and usually only for large scale professional catering.


- Highly effective Insulation
- Flue with adjustable valve

Delivered ready to be installed onto your plinth - the oven comes fully made ready to be cured. Full instructions are provided by us with a guide of how to cure your oven and light a fire, along with and tips / techniques for using your oven and some nice recipes too.

Please allow 2 or 3 days for delivery.

Great Pizzas

I bought one of these for last summer and we have had great fun making pizzas with family and friends. You will never want to buy a frozen pizza again. We have also roasted Chickens on the spit and baked bread after making pizzas using the heat of the oven. You do need to fire it up about 1 hour before use though. I made sure that the oven was fired slowly but it has still cracked a bit, only small cracks though. The biggest issue with this was that it is very heavy and we had to get a forklift to place it on its plinth. The Delivery driver could only get it part down our drive and we had to manhandle it from where it was left so make sure you are organised for this when delivery comes. I have also bought a cover for it to keep it dry over the winter.
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