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Petrol Garden Lawn Aerator

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Product Features:
  • 3.5 HP 4-stroke petrol engine for cable-free work
  • 40 litre collection box included
  • 18 height adjustable blades
  • 38cm working width
  • Suitable for areas up to 1,400m²
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Aerating your lawn involves perforating the soil with little holes to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate the roots of the grass. This will encourage the roots to grow deeply, producing a more vigorous, stronger lawn.

By aerating your lawn, you are alleviating compaction of the soil. Compacted soils have excess solid particles per space or volume, preventing proper circulation of water, nutrients and air within the soil.

The Hecht 5654 Petrol Lawn Aerator is designed for this very purpose, and is powered by a 3.5 HP Hecht 4-stroke engine with an 87cm³ displacement, allowing for easy, cable-free work. Its strong, steel chassis is equipped with 18 blades, and the machine comes with a 40-litre collection box attached, helping to clear the lawn of debris as you go.

The handlebar height of the Hecht 5654 can be and easily adjusted for comfort and you can vary the height of the knives from +10mm to -12mm with the use of a lever. The working width is 38cm and is suitable for areas up to 1,400m². For purposes of storage, the packing size is 67cm x 58cm x 54cm and the aerator weighs 26.5kg.

So why aerate your lawn? If any part of your lawn becomes waterlogged for several hours following heavy rain, you may need to spike the ground to allow the water to drain away. Plants suffer from both too much water and not enough, so ensuring your lawn is well aerated will help with your lawn’s health. If your lawn gets heavy usage from people, children and pets, the soil underneath will become compacted. Moss is also a sign of soil compaction and poor drainage. You must remove the moss, aerate and improve the soil, before reseeding any exposed spots.

The Hecht 5654 Lawn Aerator will allow you to quickly and efficiently aerate your lawn when you need to, preventing waterlogging and compaction issues from developing or continuing. The best time to aerate the ground is during the growing season, when the lawn will rapidly heal, filling in the empty areas where the soil has been cut or removed. Early spring or autumn is an ideal time to carry out this process.

To aerate your lawn, ensure the soil is moist enough, as bone dry soil is very hard to aerate. Carry out aeration the day after a rain shower, or water your lawn the day before. For very compacted areas, make several passes over the site to ensure enough holes have been created. Consider leaving unaffected areas alone to save both time and energy. After carrying out aeration, continue with basic lawn care practices such as mowing, watering and proper fertilizing.

For a healthy lawn, use this petrol lawn aerator as part of your lawn maintenance care programme, breathing life back into your lawn and allowing it to prosper and bloom.

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