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Self-propelled Petrol Rotary Mower 43cm

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Product Features:
  • Includes a handy mulching kit
  • Large 50 litre grass collection box
  • Considerable 43cm cutting width
  • Adjustable cutting height of 25mm-75mm
  • Powerful 3.5 HP 4-stroke petrol engine
Price: £219.00
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Everyone looks forward to the spring and summer months, when the weather turns milder and we can finally enjoy our gardens again. Getting out and about - with the promise of barbecues, children playing games and lounging in the sun with a good book - is high on most people’s wish lists once the cold and wet months are behind us.

But not everyone relishes the thought of the many gardening chores which need to be done regularly once spring appears - and that includes mowing the lawn.

Thankfully, having the right equipment for the job always helps make those chores much easier to bear. So buying the best lawnmower you can afford is surely one of the most effective ways of making spring and summer much more enjoyable - even for the person tasked with maintaining the garden.

The Hecht 543SW self-propelled petrol rotary mower is one of the best on the market. Powered by a sizeable 1.9 kW, 3.5 HP four-stroke engine, it can operate at an impressive 2,900 RPM and reach an amazing 3.6 km/hr, meaning it will quickly make short work of even the biggest lawn.

A reliable manual start means this mower will never let you down, being up to the job whether your lawn is small or vast. For the technically-minded buyer, its strength is demonstrated by its maximum torque of 5.1Nm and its 98.5cm³ displacement.

Built to last, with a metal chassis, the Hecht 543SW self-propelled petrol rotary mower is capable of cutting its way swiftly and efficiently across your lawn, having a working width of 43cm. To enable you to decide on the length of your grass according to your needs and the time of year, the mower has an adjustable cutting height of between 25mm and 75mm, so can give everything from a close crop to a short back and sides!

This powerful machine is suitable for lawns up to an impressive 800m², so will be ideal for most types of domestic garden. And for added convenience, it comes with a grass box which can collect a large, 50 litre capacity. That means fewer trips to empty the box.

The fact that this mower is self-propelling means there is no need to break into a sweat when mowing and the large, 8” and 11” wheels give it an impressive amount of stability and robustness. Its 30kg weight gives it strength and power, without making it too heavy to manhandle out of the shed.

In addition, the mower comes with a handy mulching kit, with an alternative side ejection feature. The mulching kit means you can easily turn your cut grass, as well as leaves and small twigs, into much smaller pieces which will decompose more easily - ideal for adding to your compost heap, for later use in helping your garden grow.

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