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Telescopic Electric Pole Saw and Pruner

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Product Features:
  • Maximum reach of up to 4.5 meters
  • Actual telescopic pole length is 190 cm - 285 cm
  • Slim motor head with an optimum blade length of 24cm
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • 12 months warranty

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Telescopic Electric Pole pruners are a great idea and very popular - they take the effort out of keeping on top of those unwanted branches, Trees and bramble bushes. Incredibly Versatile and such a breeze to use - really easy, this particular model has some great features to shout about and helps make it very easy to use ensuring you keep your with excellent features to make them user friendly, helping you keep those trees as they should be. The best tool in the back garden for maintenance, domestic or professional.

- Blade Length 24cm
- Power output of 750W
- Cut and Prune Branches up to 4.5 meters in height
- Branded Oregon Chain
- Long Telescopic Pole suitable for most Domestic Requirements

The Hecht 975W will safely and easily reach branches up to a height of about 4.5 m (this measurement takes into account an average sized adult). The actual telescopic pole length is 190cm extending to 285cm. No hazardous juggling on shaky ladders are required any more. The very slim motor head and the optimum blade length of 24 cm guarantee unproblematic work in the tree crown. Also limbing downed branches to be facilitated.

Supplied with 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.

Brilliant Tool

Purchased some weeks ago for higher level pruning. Impressed with quality, easy to assemble, instructions are clear and simple to follow. Having used the saw on a number of occasions, I am delighted with the performance. Cuts very efficiently and have used it on branches up to about 5 inches/125mm in diameter with no problem. The extending and locking mechanism is excellent. It has a short connection cable, but no problem as obviously you need to use a suitable extension cable anyway. Should have bought one years ago! A hard hat and goggles are essential, as cutting at height from the ground means the falling debris can often drop on or near the user.

Perfect saw for my needs

I wanted a pole saw for trimming our fruit trees and other large trees in our garden. I purchased this after looking around at others on the internet and am very pleased with the product. The saw end easily dealt with branches around 3cm in diameter (the largest I had to cut) and the extendability allowed me to reach high up the tree. A great product!

Great Purchase

This made short work of pruning a tree and a huge bush 4m tall. It took me a while to put it together and then to watch a couple of videos [search under Harbor Freight] to make sure I knew what I was doing. I'd wear the gloves, goggles, something on the head and boots, by the way. And don't forget to buy the chain oil as there's none in it. It is heavy and a bit unwieldy at first but you get used to it. Start on the easy bits. I'm a female and a pensioner so a bit challenged in that respect and yet I had the job done far sooner than I'd have imagined possible. It cut through branches 4 1/2 inches thick. Pity it can't make the mountain of debris that's left disappear. Amazed by it really. Very glad I bought it and equally impressed by speedy delivery.
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