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Handheld Manual Seed Spreader with Spray Regulation

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Product Features:
  • Designed to evenly distribute seeds or fertilisers
  • Spacious 2.5l tank
  • Impressive spreading range of up to two metres
  • Compact and lightweight at 0.5kg
  • Sturdy design and built from durable materials
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Built by leading garden machinery specialists Hecht, the Hecht 33 manual seed spreader with spray regulation is the ideal tool for evenly distributing seeds, fertilisers or even rock salt. Czech company, Hecht, is renowned for its innovative design ethos, perfectly illustrated by the Hecht 33’s solid construction and superior spreading ability.

Featuring a large two and half litre tank and an impressive spreading range of up to two metres, the Hecht 33 seed spreader is the ideal piece of kit for gardeners of any ability. A smart spray regulator ensures a constant and even spread of seeds or fertiliser, ensuring no missed or overdressed areas, thus giving optimal coverage. The two metre spreading range means you can cover a large amount of ground in a minimum amount of time, making this a fantastic tool for those with larger gardens or big allotment plots which need tending regularly.

Weighing in at just half a kilogram, this broadcast spreader is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, even in the smallest of spaces. Its compact design also means it can be easily and conveniently stored in a shed or an outbuilding when not in use, occupying only a small amount of storage space. Manual spreading ensures you get your seeds or fertiliser exactly where you want them quickly and efficiently, saving you the excess time and energy which might have been spent doing that spreading by hand.

The Hecht 33 spreader is a wonderfully versatile piece of equipment. Not only is this a must-have item for the garden or allotment, it can also come in handy when bad weather strikes. Load the tank up with grit or rock salt and the spreader can be used to evenly distribute salt just where you need it most, on icy paths, driveways or pavements outside your home.

Constructed from only the most durable and hardwearing of materials, this manual seed spreader is a solid piece of equipment which has been built to last and to withstand all the bumps and knocks which everyday use might throw at it. All the component parts are weatherproof and easy to clean, making this one of the most useful yet low-maintenance of garden essentials. The tank itself is easy to fill and can be cleaned and refilled in minutes, enabling you to complete whatever task you are undertaking quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

Whether you’re sowing a new crop or spreading fertiliser onto an established allotment patch, the Hecht 33 manual seed spreader with spray regulation is the perfect machine for the job. Reliable and built to last, this machine can be put to many uses, making it a versatile and extremely useful addition to your garden tool shed, and a must-have accessory for both amateur and professional gardeners alike.

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