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Water or Sand Filled Garden Lawn Roller

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Product Features:
  • Steel with powder coated paint finish
  • 50cm working width
  • Overall height 107cm
  • May be filled with sand or water
  • Produces smooth, manicured lawns
Price: £35.00
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For a smooth, manicured look to your lawn, you should consider using a garden roller. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a healthy, attractive lawn, and tools such as the Hecht 501 garden roller will help make your job a little easier. Similar to a small steamroller, a water filled garden roller is pushed or pulled across the ground to smooth it out. They are typically used to level the soil, speed up the establishment of newly seeded lawns, and improve the overall appearance of garden lawns.

To create the perfect flat lawn, invest in the Hecht 501 Water Filled Garden Roller. Rolling firms the surface layer or top 1 to 2 inches of soil. The garden roller can be used to roll after seeding and to firm the top dressing, producing a beautiful, bump free lawn.

This garden roller has a sturdy steel construction and a smart and attractive powder coated paint finish. The cylinder is 50cm wide with a 32cm diameter, and the overall height of the roller with handle is 107cm.

The Hecht 501 manual roller weighs 9kg when empty, making it easy to move and store away, and it can be filled with sand or water, giving a filled weight of 50kg +/- 20%. How heavy you make the roller will determine how much force is applied to your lawn. For example, a lighter weight is required for rolling sod than for flattening lumps and bumps in established lawns. The Hecht 501 allows you to choose how much water or sand you fill it with for the perfect weight to get the job done.

A garden roller is an essential tool when trying to establish a new lawn. Before you sow the grass seed, roll the soil to provide a level surface that helps to eliminate clods of soil and low spots. This will help with the even distribution of grass seed. After the seed is sown, rolling the ground ensures that all grass seeds make good contact with the soil, helping to speed up the germination process. Rollers can also be used when introducing sod. Once you have laid the sod, the process of rolling removes any air pockets, ensuring that the roots are in good contact with the soil and helping the sod to become established.

Rodents and insects can damage lawns, and the Hecht 501 is useful here too. Disturbing the soil's surface, these lawn pests create mounds and blemishes in your smooth and uniform lawn. Children can also create bumps and ruts while playing on the lawn, but using a garden roller every so often will help to smooth out these areas, aiding you in identifying where new sod or seeds are required. It also helps with smoothing out the lawn prior to mowing, which in turn prevents further damage to your turf and your lawn mower.

The Hecht 501 garden roller is a high quality product, reasonably priced, and designed to meet the standards home owners require. This high performance, durable garden roller is ideal for creating the perfect lawn.

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