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Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ

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Product Features:
  • Black powder coated with stainless steel features
  • Powder coated fire bowl
  • Working height: 91 cm
  • Holds a maximum of up to 2.5 kg of charcoal
  • Dimensions of assembled BBQ: 145 x 68 x 120 cm (WxDxH)
Price: £239.00
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The Charcoal Toronto XXL BBQ is the bigger version of our existing Toronto BBQ. It has 3 enamelled grills with a total surface area of approximately 70 x 46 cm and an additional enamelled warming rack which is roughly 68 x 24 cm. This BBQ is huge!

This American inspired BBQ Grill incorporates an enamelled charcoal tray with a six-fold variable height adjustment feature operated by a crank system. This gives you full control over the cooking temperature as the distance between the hot coals and the food adjusts the temperature and speed at which it cooks, ideal for those who like to grill a variety of different food.

The smooth action lid allows you to contain heat in the BBQ creating a convection style cooking space. The heat is enclosed in a sealed space which offers you the choice of cooking by the indirect grilling method. This is where the food is not directly over the heat source, instead it is in a space where the hot air is trapped and circulated by air vents cooking the food evenly on all sides. The effective air vents are essential to good circulation inside the oven but also ensure the coals stay lit once the lid of the barbecue is closed.

An additional feature of this exceptional BBQ grill is the chimney flue which gives you the added option to smoke your food. The great air vents and circulation make smoking with the BBQ easy and controlled. Keep a constant temperature with the built in thermometer mounted in the centre of the lid. You'll always know when more charcoal needs to be added to boost the heat without even having to open the lid!

Wheels to one side allow you to tilt the BBQ and conveniently manoeuvre it to your desired location within your garden or on your patio. Both side shelves can be folded down for easy storage when the BBQ is not in use.

In addition the Toronto XXL has hidden extras such as a bottle opener, bottom shelf and utensil hooks. Enjoy barbecue cooking and smoking food all year long with this exceptional multipurpose BBQ grill.

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