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Premium Grade Restaurant Quality Lumpwood Charcoal

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Product Features:
  • Produces high heat for long periods of time
  • Contains less water making it easier to light
  • Produces less smoke
  • No chemical taste
  • 12kg bag
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Restaurant Quality Charcoal is no longer just for restaurants! To achieve the best results right in your very own back garden use our premium grade charcoal and create top quality Barbecue food. The lumpwood charcoal is produced from light hardwood and contains far less water than other charcoal meaning it will be less likely to spit, easier to light and produces less smoke providing a safer and more enjoyable atmosphere. Unlike supermarket charcoal, when you cook with restaurant grade charcoal your food is infused with a pure smoky taste without the hint of chemicals. This makes the large charcoal chunks perfect for BBQ smokers with added wood chips to infuse food with different flavour smoke.

It’s important for Charcoal Grill restaurants to get high temperatures and long lasting heat from their charcoal, which is why they use premium grade lumpwood charcoal as it burns hotter for longer enabling more stable cooking conditions. So go on! Make the change and have the best BBQ you’ve ever had with our easy and effective restaurant quality charcoal.

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