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Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Mower Briggs and Stratton

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Product Features:
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton 450E engine
  • 45 litre grass collection box to make clearing up easier
  • 25mm - 70mm adjustable cutting height
  • Robust and durable steel chassis
  • Recommended lawn area: up to 800m²
Price: £199.00
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The Hecht 541BSW is a self-propelled 1.7 kW petrol rotary lawn mower, with a hardwearing and durable steel chassis. Powered by a 125cc Briggs & Stratton Series 450E engine with a maximum torque of 6.1 Nm, this compact, lightweight and affordable machine has features that you normally find on a much more expensive lawn mower.

The engine has a manual start and will operate to a maximum of 2800 RPM and up to 3.45 km/hr, making short work of cutting your lawn and keeping it looking its best. Fuelled with unleaded petrol with a maximum octane rating of 91 RON and boasting a fuel tank capacity of 0.8 litres, this high powered machine will make light work of getting an overgrown lawn under control.

With a 41cm working width and a central cutting height adjustment between 25mm and 70mm, this mower is recommended for areas up to 800m². The mower comes with a 45 litre grass box, making it quick and easy to clear up after mowing, and its 7” front and 8” rear wheels allow for easy manoeuvrability over any terrain.

Hecht designs its lawn mowers from the best quality components and with the user in mind. That’s why a Hecht mower starts easily. The Hecht 541BSW mower is self-propelled, making it easy for anyone to handle and its range of cutting heights will keep your lawn looking in the best possible condition.

When you make the first cut in spring, it’s important that you don't cut your lawn too short. A scalped lawn is susceptible to bald patches where weeds can take hold and the grass blades themselves will be too weak to fight back. Keep your mower blade sharp and you’ll make sure your Hecht 541BSW always cuts cleanly, so it doesn’t damage and weaken your grass.

Always keep the cutting level high during the summer - with its wide range of variable cutting heights, this mower is ideal for allowing the grass to develop deeper roots. Your lawn will look healthier, be better at repelling weeds and will be more resistant to drought. You’ll need to keep the level high for shaded grass too, as larger blades of grass have more chance of conducting photosynthesis and staying green and healthy.

Although this Hecht mower comes with a generously sized grass box to keep your clippings in one place, consider doing a ‘grasscycling’ cut a couple of times a year. Simply leave the grass box off your lawn mower and allow the grass clippings to spread across the lawn. Grass clippings provide 25% of your lawn’s fertiliser needs, so you’ll save money, too. If you’re using the grass box, don’t forget to compost your grass clippings.

A beautiful lawn is a real centrepiece for any garden, and the Hecht 541BSW petrol mower is designed to help you keep yours looking beautiful all year round.

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