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Ride On Mower with 61cm working width

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Product Features:
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Comfortable seat
  • 150 litre grass collection box
  • Electric start
  • Suitable for areas 1,500-2,000m²
Price: £999.00
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Mowing the lawn is seen by most people as a bit of a chore. During the spring and summer months, having to drag the mower out of the shed and find the energy to cut your grass can be a real pain.

But the prospect of leaving the grass to fend for itself is, naturally, not an option for most people. We all love a smooth, short-cut lawn, as it provides us with not only a pleasant garden view but also a safe place for the kids or pets to play, a lovely backdrop for entertaining guests on the patio or a haven for sunbathing when the sun puts in a rare appearance.

If you have a larger than average lawn, of course, the job is an even more daunting one. And if you are still using an ancient push mower you’ve had for decades, it can take you hours to tame your unruly grass into the beautiful, manicured lawn of your dreams.

This is where a ride on mower could be the answer to your prayers. The Hecht 5161 self-propelled ride on lawnmower is the ideal solution for those people facing the not inconsiderable task of mowing a large lawn.

Its powerful 6.5HP four-stroke petrol OHV engine has a 12V electric start, ensuring its reliability even on the coldest of mornings. Suitable for covering an area between 1,500 and 2,000m², it can cope with the biggest of gardens with an ease you’ll be impressed by. Just see how fast it can cope with your unruly lawn!

Simple to operate and ride, it comes with a super comfy spring-loaded seat and has sturdy 10” and 13” air-filled wheels on steel rims, to make sure you get a comfortable mowing experience every time, whatever terrain your garden covers.

Well-built, with a strong steel chassis, this compact mower is highly manoeuvrable, with a small turning circle so you can manage to negotiate even a tight corner with ease.

With a maximum torque of 11 Nm, the engine comes with four forward and one reverse gear, to make it simple to move around, and is capable of speeds from 1.5 to 4.6km/hr. So you’re sure to be able to mow even the biggest of lawns in a short space of time.

The mower has a working width of 61cm, to make short work of any size of lawn, and an adjustable cutting height between 35mm and 75mm, to suit every need.

And for added convenience, the mower comes with an easy to empty 150 litre grass collection box, meaning fewer trips to the compost heap and less hassle for you.

Investing in a ride on mower such as the Hecht 5161 is a decision you’ll never regret. In fact, it’s likely that by using such an impressive machine you’ll love mowing the lawn so much

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