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Fuel Funnel And Filter

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Product Features:
  • Removes water, dirt and debris from fuel
  • Ideal for vehicles, machinery or tools
  • Can be used with Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil and Kerosene
  • Self cleaning, portable and easy to use
  • Available in four sizes
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The Mr Funnel Fuel Filter cleans fuel by removing water, dirt and debris. One of the main causes of engine failure is fuel contamination which occurs when fuel is left to collect condensation and dirt. It's so important to clean your fuel before you funnel it into machinery. Our fuel funnels are great for Boats, Cars, Motorbikes, ATVs, Generators, Petrol Power Tools and all Garden Machinery. The Fuel Funnel and Filter is ideal for use with Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil and Kerosene.

The funnel is self cleaning, simple to use and portable, a must for anyone who regularly stores fuel. The filter is quick and instant so you can clean the fuel as you funnel it straight into your machine. Any water and grime is instantly removed and will stay in the funnel leaving clean fuel for a happy engine. Simply dispose of the water and grime once the clean fuel has passed through and your funnel is ready to be used again. To clean the funnel, simply turn it upside down and hit it on a hard surface to dislodge any stubborn dirt. The filter never needs replacing.

What Model Fuel Funnel will I Need?

We supply 4 different models of fuel filter funnels in a variety of sizes (gpm = Gallons per Minute).

- F1 = 2.7gpm
- F3 = 3.9gpm
- F8 = 5gpm
- F15 = 15gpm

F15 and F8 are our biggest fuel filters and are great for transferring larger quantities of fuel in one go. F15 has two filters in the bowl for extra speed and accuracy allowing a very fast flow which makes this model suitable to be at a fuel pump. F1 and F3 are the smaller models which are great for home use. All the funnels are Conductive which reduces Fire Risk and helps Static to discharge safely without causing any sparks. Keep your engine clean with a Mr Funnel Fuel Filter!

Great Product

Great product, I always specify Mr Funnel on all tenders for overseas aid and outreach work. Theres no telling what the fuel quality will be like, it helps rule out any associated problems.
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