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450W Electric Telescopic Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Product Features:
  • Telescopic pole
  • Rotatable blade
  • 49cm cutting bar
  • Convenient shoulder strap
  • Light at only 4.2kg
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Neat hedges and trees are vital for maintaining the appearance of a garden, but keeping them looking great can be a difficult task - especially without the right tools for the job.

Their height and width can often be troublesome, meaning that they often end up looking hacked despite the fact that you have spent hours precariously balancing on a step ladder with a pair of blunt sheers in your hand.

This Hecht Electric Telescopic Hedge Trimmer can make this type of dangerous, nightmare situation a thing of the past. You won’t have to take your life in your hands every time that tall hedge needs cutting thanks to this safe and easy-to-use design, which makes even hard-to-reach areas simple to manage.

The trimmer is also perfect if you trim more than your own hedges, offering a durability and versatility that even professional gardeners would appreciate. As with all Hecht products, the attention to detail in their design really makes them the tools of choice for anyone wanting to enjoy their gardening experience rather than toiling unnecessarily for very little reward. From the shoulder strap to the rotating blade, this is a garden trimmer that has been designed to be used and enjoyed. After all, there is no gardening task quite as satisfying as lopping back a really thick hedge.

This Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is powered by an efficient 450-watt electric motor and boasts a cutting bar measuring 49cm. This gives it the power to slice through a huge array of branches, even those that are 16mm thick.

The cutting bar can also be rotated to change the angle, to make cutting a breeze. It can be turned through 120 degrees, making it easy to reach those awkward areas and adding to the versatility of this piece of garden equipment.

The telescopic handle is another major draw, offering the capability to get to even hard-to-reach areas in a manner that is both safe and effective. The pole can be extended by as much as 71cm, meaning that it can stretch from 216cm to 287cm and attack hedges with ease in a multitude of environments. This Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is the ideal choice for gardens, allotments and any outside space where tall trees or hedges are a feature. It makes the task as easy as possible and means it's often unnecessary to rely on costly outside help to get the job done.

An investment in this hedge trimmer can, therefore, save you both time and money, while potentially adding to the appeal of your home and garden. It can ensure that overly-tall hedges don’t deprive your home of light, make your allotment produce suffer in a too-shady environment or leaving your garden looking unkempt even if you’ve been working hard closer to the ground.

Another appealing factor of the Hecht Electric Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is its weight. At 4.2kg, it is not uncomfortably heavy and its shoulder strap helps to ensure that weight is distributed evenly. This helps with manoeuvrability and ensures that your health and wellbeing are never put at risk unnecessarily. What more could you want from your hedge trimmer?

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