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2000W Electric Chainsaw

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Product Features:
  • Powerful mid-range saw
  • High speed chain for optimal cutting
  • Convenient for the home user
  • No messy maintenance
  • Great for garden maintenance
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With wood burners becoming an increasingly popular upgrade to the home, supplying suitable fuel for them is something which needs to be addressed. Yes, you can buy ready cut logs, but these tend to be prohibitively expensive, and let’s face it, where’s the fun or manliness in a trip to the shops? It’s far more satisfying - not to mention cheaper - to cut your own logs from fallen branches and larger logs. Petrol driven chainsaws are great for the more serious professional garden landscaper but they require significantly more maintenance, regular topping up with fuel (which needs to be stored), tend to be noisier and produce smelly, toxic exhaust gas fumes. Electric chainsaws are much more convenient for the home owner and can easily be used in an enclosed space such as the garage, garden shed or even your home basement. They are also much more “neighbour friendly” as they are much quieter than petrol driven chainsaws, with the Hecht 2035 coming in at just 107 decibels.

Hecht produces a wide range of quality garden maintenance equipment. Weighing in at 4.2Kg and having a 35cm blade, this electric chainsaw is lighter than its petrol driven equivalent and is therefore more suitable for the occasional user who wishes to cut small logs for their wood burning stove or open fire. It can also be used for cutting up timber off cuts - being much easier to use than a traditional handsaw - which can also be used on the fire or as kindling. The built in bumper spike allows the user to get greater leverage when cutting thicker logs, making them strikingly easier to cut and helping to prevent kick-back. Safety is an important factor when using a chainsaw. The Hecht 2035 accordingly has a built-in chain brake which also acts as a hand guard. In addition, there is also a convenient hook to prevent the extension cord being pulled out and a throttle safety button to prevent the saw accidentally being started.

As with any chainsaw, it is important to ensure that the chain is kept well lubricated. This Hecht chainsaw achieves this by providing an in-built reservoir for the chain oil that automatically keeps the chain and bar lubricated. The Hecht 2035 can also be used as part of your annual garden maintenance for pruning tree branches or cutting small saplings. For this you will need an extension cable with a residual current device (RCD) which cuts off power if the cable is accidentally cut, just as you would do with an electric hedge cutter or other electric power tool.

The Hecht 2035 is a convenient tool for your garden or workshop without needing expensive maintenance. Replacing a worn out chain is a fairly straightforward task and having a 35cm blade, 52 link 3/8” spare chains are readily available, comparatively cheap and easy to fit for the typical DIYer. Filling the oil reservoir is as simple as topping up your electric iron with water and is required much less frequently!

Works very well

Perfect for cutting larger branches, bushes etc. After a few inital problems with the chain coming off, but quickly sussed it.

Great little Machine

I received the item very quickly. It was easy to assemble. It has felled 7 long standing conifers without any problems. I was a little worried it may not be big enough for the job at hand as some of the trunk bases were 8-10 inches round, but I needn't have worried it tackled them no problem. Great machine would definitely recommend. 10/10 and thank you to the garden gift shop for the quick service and a perfect item .
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