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BBQ Basting Mop

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Product Features:
  • 100% cotton mop head with long wooden handle
  • Ideal for thin sauces, marinades, etc
  • For home use or large catering jobs
  • Even distribution of flavours
  • Delicate enough not to damage any crust
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BBQ Basting Mop

The perfect accessory for distributing thin basting sauces, marinades, glazes or melted/flavoured butter.  The cotton threads quickly become saturated and hold in liquid so that it can then be transferred and spread evenly over the meat or vegetables.

Ideal for adding flavour to meat and/or vegetable skewers prior to barbequing.

As the mop is flexible it is ideal for ensuring that every nook and crevice is basted evenly, getting the maximum flavour into your food.  As it is light, it will not damage any crust or toppings that have formed, meaning you can build up the layers for a more intense flavour.

With its long wooden handle and flexible mop head there is no need to get your hands dirty.  The mop is easy to manipulate and can cope with large quantities of food easily so could be used for large catering jobs, as well as parties at home.

The BBQ Basting Mop is not only great for adding flavour prior to barbequing but also to any oven roasting joints or vegetables.

A must-have for any budding chef!

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