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Grenada Ceramic Charcoal BBQ Grill

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Product Features:
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Handy thermometer on lid
  • Air vents aid grilling process
  • Generous grill surface
  • Foldable shelves on both sides
Price: £675.00
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When you are entertaining outdoors, a BBQ grill that you can rely upon is as much a priority as hoping the rain clouds stay away. With the Tepro Grenada Ceramic Charcoal BBQ Grill, it might not be able to control the weather, but you are onto a winner when it comes to the cooking.

With this beauty, undercooked bangers or frazzled burgers are a thing of the past. Packed with handy features that will impress any level of chef, this BBQ makes light work of cooking, grilling your food to perfection.

If it's space to cook that you are after, this BBQ grill won't disappoint. Boasting generous proportions, with more than 46.5cm grilling surface, you've got ample room to cook for a crowd. It’s not just grilling space that makes this BBQ stand out from others. There are two handy foldable shelves at the side of the grill, that are certain to get plenty of use for storing food or cooking utensils once the grilling action gets going.

If you are nervous about getting your alfresco grilling spot on, there’s no need to worry with this grill. It comes with a range of nifty cooking features that ensure food is properly cooked, just as your guests like it. With less time worrying about checking on the food, you can spend more time playing the convivial host.

The ceramic two-piece grill body can be closed off to prevent heat from escaping, and by storing heat over a long period of time, you can keep your food staying nice and warm. Much like a convection oven, the Grenada Ceramic BBQ Grill, with its stainless steel cooking grid, cooks the food from all sides during the grilling process. What's more, a cast iron air vent on the top of the lid helps create a balanced air flow during the cooking process, without causing the coals to extinguish when the lid is shut. For improved air circulation, there is also a stainless steel air vent on the fire bowl. A heat resistant gasket adds to the list of attributes that give this grill a resounding thumbs up.

When you have got a thousand and one things to think about, anything that makes life easier is a bonus. The integrated thermometer on the lid of this grill is just one useful feature that you will be grateful for. By easily monitoring the temperature, you can feel confident the food is cooking as it should be, leaving you to focus on other matters. When you need to check how the food is getting on, the hinged lid boasts an easy-grip, heat-resistant handle for fuss-free opening and closing.

One of the standout features of this grill is its versatility. If you fancy a change from serving up the standard meat options, the innovative Grid-in-Grid system with optional separate inserts means it has the ability to prepare food a variety of ways. A cast iron grill grid or cast iron pan are the optional inlays available for the 47cm grid-in-grid system enabling you to sear food with typical BBQ grid marks, fry or prepare a variety of dishes with the pan. With an enviable range of preparation options, you can use this grill to cater for meat lovers, vegetarians or to cook lots of exciting dishes.

It's not just the cooking ability of this grill that sets it apart from its rivals. It also looks the part, too. When set up in your garden, it looks like a professional bit of kit, for the novice or experienced chef alike. With an enamelled outer body, ceramic inside and cast iron charcoal grid holding up to 3kg of charcoal, this grill is pleasing on the eye, and has been designed with durability in mind. If you're after a BBQ that can be wheeled out season after season, this is the one to choose.

Four sturdy swivel casters make this grill easy to move around, and with a working height of 81.5cm, you can grill at a comfortable level, without awkward bending down.

This Ceramic BBQ Grill really does have a lot to offer, it’s not only good looking but is well engineered with quality components.

The black body of the bbq is cast iron with a 2 cm ceramic liner to both base and lid ,inside this liner there are 2 removable ceramic liners which form the fire box.
On top of these liners is a 46.5mm diameter cooking area with a removable 30mm diameter centre section which can take a cast iron grate insert,  a Pizza stone insert, a cast iron pan insert or a cast  iron wok, these can be ordered separately as can a cover to go over the bbq when not in use.
The air vent on the top of the lid is adjustable and again made of cast iron. All the other metal components are polished stainless steel. The 2 wooden flap tables and the lid handle are made from laminated timber.
It was all delivered in 2/3 days by a helpful team in the office and took my wife and I 1 hour to assemble. It looks very elegant on the patio and to my mind knocks all the other similar bbq's into second place. And finally the price incredible when you compare it to the others.
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