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Universal Cover for Large BBQ Kettle Grill

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Product Features:
  • Made from durable polyester fabric
  • Water repellent and UV resistant
  • Air vents to prevent moisture build-up
  • Suitable for a variety of large kettle grills
  • 73cm x 90cm (ØxH)
Price: £18.00
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If you have invested in a state of the art kettle grill, you’ll want to take all the steps you can to see that it is protected and secure, when not in use. The Great British weather is not often kind to barbecues, with rain and wind often causing damage to grills which are left outside and not sufficiently shielded from the elements. Moisture in the air or falling leaves, dirt and debris can also leave your barbecue damaged, meaning it may not function as well the next time you want to use it and more importantly, it will have a shorter lifespan.

Investing in a high quality universal cover for your kettle grill will keep it protected when not in use, helping to keep it safe from the elements and still in top shape for many years to come. This universal cover is made from the highest quality polyester, renowned for its durability. Added to that, a coating of PVB makes it water repellent and an innovative UV film ensures it provides the maximum protection against the sun’s rays.

Spacious enough to cover a whole range of large kettle grills, this universal cover also benefits from ventilation openings on the sides, reducing the amount of moisture that can enter and collect beneath the fabric and thus lowering the risk of damaging rust.

The cover can be firmly secured with the easy to use hook-and-loop tape, ensuring that even powerful gusts of wind will not see it detached from your barbecue. By using a protective cover such as this, you will prolong the life of your grill, by shielding it from the elements when not in use. Over winter, when you perhaps store your barbecue in a shed or outbuilding, this cover continues to ensure it is not exposed to moisture during these damper months.

In beige and measuring approximately 73cm diameter x 90cm high, this cover is also suitable for the following Tepro models: 1085N / 1136 Tucson, 1032N El Monte, 1117 Sacramento, 1119 San Francisco, 1154 Grenada and 3180 Palmdale Gas Smoker.

This top quality cover for large kettle grills will not let you down affording great all round protection to your BBQ grill.

Amazing quality

Very pleased with our cover, we bought a XL Webber kettle BBQ then spent £55 on a proper Webber XL BBQ cover which only came with 1 Velcro flap so within 6 weeks of having it it blew of 4 times and the 4th it time blew off somewhere else so couldn't find it, not impressed. Saw this cover at less than half the price of a Webber one which arrived this week and we love everything about it, the colour matches our patio furniture, it has a vent flap and 2 long Velcro stips, the quality is excellent. Thank you
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