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Stainless Steel V-shaped Smoke Box with Water Reservoir

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Product Features:
  • Quality stainless steel
  • V-shaped to fit between flame deflector bars on a gas BBQ
  • Food remains succulent and smoky flavour more intense thanks to water reservoir
  • 13¾ inches long
  • Hinged lid provides easy access
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Do you have a gas barbecue and wish you could inject a little more flavour to your food?

Try this clever BBQ accessory from Callow, made to fit between the flame deflector bars of a gas BBQ, this V-shaped smoker box has three sections – the centre reservoir is for water with the end sections for wood chips. The water adds humidity to the grill, allowing food to remain juicy and succulent whilst creating more smoky flavour.

Manufactured from quality stainless steel with a hinged lid to provide easy access to the chamber, this smoker box is a generous 13¾ inches long.

All you need to do is decide what flavours you wish to add – you could even try combining flavours.

Alder and fruitwoods, such as apple and cherry tend to be mild with sweet notes and are best suited to more delicate foods like chicken or fish. Oak and hickory are both medium woods that work particularly well with pork and beef – oak is good for most food, imparting a distinct smoky flavour without being overpowering whilst hickory is heavier, with a stronger flavour that works well with larger cuts of meat. Mesquite is the strongest of the smoke woods and imparts a hefty flavour.

There is a mixed school of thought about whether to soak wood chips before use, but if you wish to impart some real flavour, you need to slow down the ignition process so the chips have time to deliver their flavour to the food.

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