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Stainless Steel Kebab Rack Set

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Product Features:
  • The set is durable, constructed with heavy stainless steel
  • Raises the skewer and kebab above the grate for effective cooking
  • The Flat skewers keep the food from spinning
  • The set incorporates notches within the rack to ensure skewers stay in place
  • Safe to wash in a Dishwasher

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Barbecue food is something that many of us adore, however there are certain techniques and pieces of equipment that can significantly enhance the overall experience. Enter the signature stainless steel kebab rack set

Across much of the world, fact is that grilling is done on flat skewers over a grateless grill. This system is especially useful when grilling delicate ground meat kebabs or fish that are prone to stick to a BBQ grill grate.

The Callow Skewer Kebab Rack is an ingenious device which raises the skewer-and-kebab above the BBQ grate, providing the experience of grateless grilling whilst utilising a conventional BBQ grill.

The rack holder has various elements such as notches to ensure that the skewers are held securely without slipping or spinning. This innovative rack set is perfect to grill Turkish and Middle Eastern Kofta kebabs, Central Asian, sheek kebabs and Asian fish sates - alternatively it is even possible to cook chicken Tikka utilising a hot BBQ grill!

The Callow Stainless Steel Kebab Rack Set includes a 2-piece rack as well as 6 x 22-1/4-inch by 0.4-inch skewers.

All parts of the set are stainless steel and therefore dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel skewers

Very good product and well made, see the same item on another website for £47 pound so the £16 I paid for these makes it a bargain..

simple and effective design

The kebab skewers are flat and perfect for any meat/fish that would turn on a normal round skewer. the rack has a simple v groove so you can turn the meat by 90 degrees to get a perfect finish. Clever and very effective. Well made and even better design
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