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Kettle Pizza Oven

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Product Features:
  • Transform your bbq into a wood fired or charcoal pizza oven
  • Quality construction
  • A fantastic conversion kit to get more out of your Kettle BBQ
  • Suitable for 18inch and 22inch Kettle BBQs
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

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Turn your Kettle BBQ into a fully functional wood fired pizza oven.

This new Kettle Pizza Kit will revolutionise your cooking on a kettle BBQ - the oven fits into your 18inch or 22 inch kettle BBQ such as the weber. When fitted, the kettle pizza kit will convert your bbq into a wood fired or charcoal pizza oven.

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, in the USA, it has been designed to ensure that the top of the pizza cooks thoroughly and the base is cooked correctly ensuring it is nice and crisp - just how a pizza should be and not burnt at all.

The kettle pizza BBQ conversion is a fantastic new way to get the very most out of your Kettle BBQ - without this conversion your pizza would not cook consistently or equally. By fitting the kettle pizza conversion it creates an environment where the heat is not lost and that the air flow is correct - there is adequate access to be able to slide pizzas in and out of your new oven conversion and a temperature gauge to help you maintain the correct temperature. With little effort you can easily reach temperatures of 750F in your new pizza oven.

It takes minutes to assemble and importantly to remove it is even easier. The idea behind the kettle pizza design is that the heat is pushed upwards from the rear of the kettle and over the top toward the front - almost self regulating in terms of temperature.

The kit now fits both 18 inch and 22inch kettle BBQs

NEW - The tombstone conversion is also new for 2013 - it includes 2 grill grates and fuel holders that allow easier access to top up your wood and of course the stone allows for the absolute perfection in pizza cooking with a perfect thin crispy crust in seconds!

Main Features and Benefits:

- Cost effective transformation of Kettle grills into an oven
- The heat that is provided will be stable - the lid does not require removal
- Stainless steel of high quality is used and crafted in USA
- Can be used with a Skillet or cast iron pan for meat and veg too
- Works with charcoal or hardwood

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