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Disposable BBQ Aluminium Foil Drip Tray Pack of 10

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Product Features:
  • Ten piece set
  • Catch unwanted drips of fat and juice
  • Made from aluminium
  • Suitable for gas and charcoal grills
  • Easily disposed of
Price: £5.95
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Whether you’re a keen amateur or a seasoned pro, cooking outdoors on a barbecue can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for any chef. Sitting down to dine at the patio table with family and friends with good food and drink is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but ensuring you can relax throughout the evening is also important.

By making sure you have the right tools for the job, you can enjoy a stress-free barbecuing experience and produce some top quality food to truly impress your guests. With this ten piece, disposable aluminium drip pan set from Tepro, you can appear every inch the professional and turn out beautifully barbecued meats, vegetables and side dishes every time.

Made from recyclable aluminium foil, these drip pans simplify the barbecuing process and are suitable for both gas and charcoal grills. Seated beneath your meats or vegetables, they are specially designed to catch any unwanted drips of fat or juices which would otherwise bake on and be difficult to clean off.

Everyone enjoys the lovely, smoky food that a barbecue produces, but nobody enjoys cleaning up at the end of the night. Avoid mess by positioning your disposable aluminium drip pan beneath the food you are cooking and you could spare yourself the time and energy which has to go into tidying up the burnt-on debris caused by dripping fat or juices.

These aluminium drip pans are also incredibly versatile and could find a use beyond the barbecue. If you’re catering for large numbers of people, they are also ideal for rustling up some crowd-pleasing one pot dishes such as pasta bakes, lasagnes or even chocolate brownies - the possibilities are endless! The barbecue might be the star of the show, but having some stand-by side dishes to see there’s enough to go round can be very handy.

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