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BBQ Grill Planks

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Product Features:
  • Adds Great Flavour to Your BBQ Meat
  • Cedar Planks are excellent for fish
  • 4 x planks included in a pack
  • Serve food on the planks
  • Re-use many times
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BBQ or Barbecue Grill planks are nothing short of amazing!

Cooking on wood is a very old method of cooking - it was used initially to form a barrier between food and fire and was then developed over the years or centuries as a cooking method to smoke and keep food moist.

The principle is fairly simple - you soak the grilling plank for at least an hour in water, or juice / beer if you prefer, then place the grill plank onto your BBQ grill. Once it is hot and very slightly Smokey around the edges that is the time to get your meat, fish or veg on there.
The Cameron Cedar Planks have an amzing aroma before you even put them on the BBQ - you just know they will make your food tast great! Cedar Grill planks for the BBQ are perfect with fish - but we also like to use them for Meat balls on the BBQ.

The wood forms a barrier and prevents your food from burning - but the natural juices of the cedar tree are reconstituted with the heat and these also penetrate your food with their flavours. On top of all this you get a gentle Smokey flavour going on with the edges of the grill plank gently smoking over the hot coals.

If you really want to - when your food is cooked, allow it to cool a little and you could even serve it to your guest still on the plank!

Don't throw them away - they can be used many times before they are disposed of.

What's more - we even include recipes within the packaging - so you are sure to have perfect results. They are easy to clean - simply wipe away excess food and clean. Finish with a small coat of veg or olive oil to protect.

There are 4 x Cedar Planks in each pack

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