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Mediterrani Outdoor Brick Oven

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Product Features:
  • The Outdoor pizza oven is supplied fully constructed
  • Requires a base of around 90cm to 95cm to seat the oven on
  • Can reach temperatures of 400 degrees within 60 minutes
  • The oven floor is finished in terracotta tiles
  • Available in 2 different sizes - 90cm and 100cm
Price: £495.00
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This product is delivered on a pallet. Once an order has been placed, we will contact you to arrange delivery.
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A very popular way to cook now - an outdoor pizza oven provides the ability to cook in many ways, the main feature being high temperature cooking which is perfect for pizzas and tandoor style cooking.

Our Mediterrani Outdoor Brick Ovens are no exception - they are robust and a particularly stylish feature for any outdoor living space.

The Outdoor oven is made by artisan craftsmen and is still made by hand as tradition dictates. The technique uses refractory bricks to form the dome which is then covered in insulating refractory clays and cements to form the lovely and practical dome allowing high temperatures to be reached.

Once the oven is up to temperature, a freshly made pizza will take no more than 60 seconds to cook - it is fascinating to watch it cook and everyone will want to get involved - in particular the kids! An outdoor oven is not only for pizza though, a huge variety of foods can be cooked using the extensive range of temperatures. When the oven is left to cool the insulating properties mean it stays warm for a long time before it is completely cool. It is in this time that the oven is perfect for baking or low and slow cooking. Baking bread, tikka style cooking and slow cooked casseroles are to name but a few - an outdoor oven is a BBQ for life!

With a square base measuring 90cm square, which is reinforced with steel, the dome is hand laid on the top to a thickness of nearly 20cm! This gives you a huge cooking space inside and a lot of thermal mass - which is required to ensure high temperatures can be reached and also to allow this heat to be stored for slow cooking. The oven floor is finished in terracotta tiles also hand laid to fit the shape of the round dome. With steel stable doors and a lovely brick archway the oven is supplied ready to cook pizza or bread or anything else you like.

The outdoor brick oven is delivered assembled on a pallet and weighs approximately 450kg. For this reason help will be required from several people when moving the oven to your desired location. An engine hoist is ideal for moving and lifting a pizza oven. They are available to hire from most local hire shops. The oven base includes a strong steel loop in each corner for chains or rope to be tied around for lifting. For more advice on moving one of our pizza ovens give us a call on 01522 704505 and we'd be happy to help.

The roasting of large joints on a roasting spit is a very popular way to cook on the continent and one that provides great results. This oven has the facility to cook using a spit - a hole and support is provided in the middle of the steel door with a spigot at the rear inside of the oven to support the roasting spit, which we can supply separately. Using burning embers on the floor of the oven a variety of meat can be slowly roasted over many hours to provide a huge feast later in the evening - simply delicious!

- Temperatures of 400 degrees can be reach within 60 minutes
- The outdoor oven can retain heat for over 4 hours
- Main dimensions of the outdoor oven are 90 x 90 x 80 cm.

The oven is supplied inside a protective pallet crate - this is mainly for protection during transit but can also make it easier for you to transport too. The delivery company will deliver at a pre agreed time to ensure you are in to receive your new oven. We also provide you with a full set of instructions that show you how to build the fire and light it - with many tips and techniques. There is also a guide on what wood is best to use along with some great recipes.

You will need to ensure that a base of around 90cm to 95 cm is built to seat the oven on - this will depend on if you are planning to have a table or work surface to the side or not. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss plans for building your base if required.

The oven is strong enough to be kept outside all year round, you may want to cover it though to keep it clean and prevent any moisture soaking into the oven - this means you do not to cure the oven every new season.

With a convenient flue built into the oven, that can be extended if you so desire to improve draft, and a facility to choke the oven or close the flue.

The oven is available in 2 different sizes - 90cm and 100cm - please select using the options during purchase. The 100cm oven is 650kg in weight with a 100cm square base.

An Outdoor Oven is a delight to use and produces fantastic results - pizzas or roasting. They are easy to use and give a new twist to an outdoor BBQ.

In stock and available for immediate dispatch - Delivery within 48 hours if required.

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