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Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven

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Product Features:

  • Manufactured in Italy using quality components
  • Comes with a free roasting pan and grill, together with an exclusive recipe book!
  • The stone floor can reach 325 degrees C in as little as 15 minutes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes fully CE approved Bar Burner
Price: £2595.00
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Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven

This outdoor Pizza oven has literally taken the country by storm and comes with a free roasting pan and grill as well as an exclusive recipe book! The Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven has revolutionised the way we cook outdoors by offering convenience combined with performance housed in stylish designs that are perfectly suited for your outdoor living area.

The oven is manufactured using high quality steels and refractory material, in Italy and can be turned on and ready to cook pizza in as little as 15 minutes with a stone floor temperature of 325 degrees C. It also offers an important benefit which is that the oven requires no curing. The outdoor oven is lighter than other ovens, and thereby offers the convenience of a portable BBQ as it is on its own chassis with wheels and can be utilised straight after assembly. In terms of capacity it can easily cook up to 3 pizzas or Breads at the same time.

In fact, the oven is able to cook pizzas and Tandoori style meats as well as many other types of cooking. Due to its stone floor or deck the oven can also be used to bake bread or pies as well as Lasagne and other Italian pasta dishes or alternatively for cooking fruit based sweets.

The Brac'e style oven is easy to assemble and is finished in high quality stainless steel with powder coated surfaces. A Fully CE approved Bar Burner is included to offer the perfect combination of performance and aesthetic design, which makes the flame a pleasure to watch and relax as the sun goes down.

The special Brick shaped tiles located within the Pizza Oven can withstand very high temperatures over long periods offering the best taste experience as they release trapped heat, which cooks the food gradually without burning it. There are several bricks in each oven, meaning any damaged bricks can be replaced easily. By virtue of the fact that the oven is built using high quality Stainless steels means that the oven can reach cooking temperatures very quickly and without much wood being used. Additionally the high grade refractory materials utilised between the steel offer thermal mass.

The features of this new 2013 Pizza Oven from Garden Gift Shop are -

- The oven is suitable for Gardens and Balconies Living spaces - due to its light weight (compared to many other outdoor oven options)

- The oven comes with a Stainless steel door that also acts as a shelf or sill to help when using the oven

- The inner dome is finished in stainless steel offering lightweight and reflective properties

- The Gas Burner is efficient and provides up to 16kw of Heat, however it only uses 1.1kg per hour of LPG gas

- Comes with built in Wheels making it easy move the Pizza Oven around

- Has a huge Cooking space of 70cm x 40cm

The oven has dimensions of 93cm wide by 53cm deep and comes with a door width of 59cm and a height of 13cm. The steel flue itself measures 15cm in height. The oven weighs only 100kg.

The oven is delivered to you on a pallet and this will be arranged by telephone call.
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