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Alfa Pizza Vela Pizza Peel Holder

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Product Features:
  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Space for all pizza-making essentials
  • Practical and moveable
  • Available in Antique Red or Copper
  • Tools not included
Price: £265.00
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You might think that pizza is tasty at any time of the day or night, but there’s nothing that tastes better than a beautiful creation made in your own pizza oven with the help of beautifully-crafted peels. To keep things tidy, all peels should be stored in a stylish holder that looks as stunning as the pizzas you make.

The Vela Peel Holder is a perfectly-crafted and unique tool, designed to hold and store a variety of pizza-making essentials - or peels, as they are known. There’s no doubt that it has a great practical purpose, but it also looks stunning and is available in a range of colours.

You could choose the colour to perfectly complement your existing Alfa Pizza Oven or choose a colour that will offset the natural tones of your garden area. The vela pizza tool holder comes in either Antique Red or Copper.

If you’ve decided to invest in a pizza oven, you’ve got to love pizza and the Vela Peel Holder really is a pizza lover’s dream. Not only does it look professional and fantastically stylish, it can make it easier than ever to create the perfect margherita or quattro stagioni.

The innovative design keeps those practical peels perfectly positioned, meaning that everything you need can be close at hand when it comes time to turn all Chris Bianco - or maybe Papa John is more your style? You’ll never be left watching your beautiful lunch turn black because you can’t find the right tools, if you decide to invest in the Vela Peel Holder.

It’s also perfectly proportioned, making it easy to store wherever convenient. At 35cm wide, 50cm deep and 66cm height, it is big enough to look impressive, without being so large or imposing that it takes away the attention from the star of the show - your pizzas.

It weighs 12 kg, ensuring that it is a solid piece of kit that won’t blow over at the merest hint of a breeze. This is really important if you don’t want to be digging peels out of the dirt before you can dig out a pizza from your oven.

You could perfectly position it at the base of your pizza oven while cooking and then move it somewhere else at the end, if you don’t want to leave it where it is.

The Vela Peel Holder doesn’t come with peels, but you won’t be able to resist investing in a set - if you haven’t already - when you consider how useful they are and how professional and impressive they look.

The peel holder from Vela is the ideal place to store all of the essentials for creating the perfect pizza. What better place to show off and store the pizza peel you use to put your creations in the oven, a peel to move it around once inside, and an ember-moving rake, which is necessary to move burning wood, embers and ash. There’s also room for a brass-bristle brush to clean up after your cookery efforts and to preserve your oven floor.

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