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Alfa Pizza Patisserie Cake Making Kit

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Product Features:
  • Use your oven to make lots of sweet treats to enjoy with this handy patisserie kit!
  • Comes with everything you need to make a variety of sweets, cakes and cookies
  • Includes set of trays, apron, biscuit cutters, pastry kit, glove, and pastry board
  • Pastry kit includes measuring spoon, rolling pin (19.3 x 1.5 cm), whisk and a serving shovel
  • The kit also comes with a cookbook filled with lots of recipes and handy tips to get you started!
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When thinking about what to cook in your much loved wood fired oven, you would be forgiven for not immediately thinking of sweet treats and delicious desserts. As soon as you pull your first cake or tray of biscuits out, however, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t give it a try sooner, because they will taste incredible every time. Italians are renowned for their delectable desserts and we’re sure that this traditional way of cooking their sweet treats is one of their secrets!

Fancy giving it a try? Well, this patisserie kit comes with everything you could possibly need to start making some delicious desserts to enjoy with your family and friends.

Making your own cakes or pastry for your pies is an incredibly satisfying experience, and the pastry kit within this patisserie set has got your every need covered. The solid spruce wood pastry board is the perfect base on which to knead your dough or roll out your pastry. The Sessolina measuring spoon will help you to ensure you always have the correct ratio of flour to sugar, the whisk will quickly remove any lumps and the elegant beech wood rolling pin will help you to roll out your pastry to the perfect thickness ready to line your baking tray. Also included is a small wooden cake slice, which is the perfect tool to serve a slice of cake or pie to your guests, or even just to yourself!

Whipping up a batch of cookies is always a lot of fun, and it can be a great way to introduce children to the magical world of baking. You’ll all enjoy carefully measuring out the ingredients before grabbing your favourite shaped cookie cutter to stamp into the rolled out dough. The patisserie kit comes with three different stainless steel cookie cutters - a circle, a square and a triangle - and the fun doesn’t end there. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating them once they have cooled after coming out of the oven, if you can resist eating them for that long that is!

Also included in this patisserie kit is a selection of steel trays, covered with a non-stick Teflon classic coating to minimise on washing up and to ensure that your bakes are easy to remove and enjoy once cooled. Included is a loaf tin which would be perfect for banana bread or lemon drizzle cake, a cookie tray, a flan tin, a pie dish and a bundt tin. Your every need is covered with this varied set.

Safety is always of utmost importance, so along with an apron to protect your clothes and establish yourself as Head Chef, there is also a cotton, heat-resistant oven glove that will protect your hands from the heat.

Finally, there is a cookbook filled with lots of recipes and handy tips and tricks that will help you get started. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get baking!

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