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Alfa Pizza Outdoor Pizza Peel Set

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Product Features:
  • Four piece pizza tool set
  • Choice of peel lengths
  • Robust, high quality materials
  • Long handles
  • Easy to clean tools
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As spring and summer start to roll around, the potential for dining and cooking alfresco opens up once again. Outdoor ovens are now a popular choice for many people. Not only do they provide the facility to cook outdoors on something other than a BBQ, but they allow for a unique and exceptionally quick method of cooking. This is largely due to the domed shape and the materials used to construct the oven (usually insulating materials such as clay and refractory bricks) which allow for high temperatures to be reached extremely quickly.

Because of this, outdoor ovens are a popular choice for cooking tandoor food or pizzas. In fact, a single pizza can be completely cooked within a minute. This is ideal for feeding guests at summer time BBQs or simply showing the kids a new and exciting way to prepare food. Those with a penchant for cooking their pizzas in this way will need the right tools and equipment in order to insert and remove the pizza safely, and also keep the oven clean. Our Pizza Peel Set includes all the items essential for this process, including a round peel, a standard peel, an ember mover and a cleaning brush. All of the components within this set allow you to cook pizzas safely and efficiently, while maintaining your oven too.

Firstly, the round peel is a lightweight, stainless steel tool. It is designed for ease of handling so that you can manipulate your pizzas in the oven, turning it as necessary.

In order to be able to cook effectively and hygienically, it is important to keep the oven floor clean. You wouldn't want to cook fresh food over a surface covered in embers and ash. The ember mover allows you to clear the oven floor of ash and embers, while moving burning wood as and when needed during or after the cooking process, for your own convenience.

The standard peel is a larger and more robust tool than the round peel and is used for putting the pizza into the oven. It is easy to handle and its rounded edge means depositing the pizza into the oven is quick and simple. This is important when you are working around such high temperatures. It has a wooden handle designed to make lifting and moving the pizza less cumbersome.

The brush is equipped with robust, brass bristles which don't just effectively clean the base of the oven from dust and ash, but also preserve the refractory floor to give your oven a longer life.

There is a choice of peel lengths, 90cm or 120cm. The 90cm set is suitable for Ciao, 5 Minuti or Pizza e Brace ovens, whilst the 120cm set is suitable for 4 Pizze and Allegro ovens.

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