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Alfa Pizza Cover for 4 Pizze Oven

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Product Features:
  • Fully waterproof
  • Breathable fabric reduces condensation
  • Easy to fit and keep clean
  • Secure in all weathers
  • UV coating protects from sun damage
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With its stunning stainless steel frontage and integrated shelves, the 4 Pizze is one of the most attractive and practical ovens in the Alfa range. If you want to ensure that your 4 Pizze goes on looking as good as the day you bought it for many years to come, you would be wise to invest in this high-quality cover, manufactured to the same exacting standards as the oven itself.

Although Alfa Pizza ovens are made to resist the elements, the manufacturer recommends that they should be covered when not in use, in order to prolong their working life. A key benefit of using a properly fitting cover made from breathable, waterproof fabric, is that it dramatically reduces the build up of harmful condensation inside the oven which, over time, can potentially damage the cooking surface.

Excessive moisture can also encourage the growth of mould, which can occur under certain conditions. Our cover will ensure your oven is always ready for action and it will also prevent any foreign materials from clogging up the flue or chimney between uses.

A cover will also protect the beauty of your oven and reduce the time you need to spend cleaning it. If not removed promptly, the acid in bird droppings can potentially damage the exterior finish of your oven. The same is also true of tree resin which can stick to the outside of your oven and quickly become unsightly. If you live close to the coast, a build-up of sea salt can be another source of concern.

A cover will provide a high level of protection against all of these hazards and is far easier to clean. Simply hose down and allow your cover to dry naturally and it will be as good as new. Some parts of your oven or the accessories you use with it have the potential to fade or bleach out over time, if exposed to extreme sunlight. The material used in this cover contains a UV filter to prevent this from happening.

While the 4 Pizze is lightweight and easy to move around, using a cover means you can keep it outside during the summer months when it is being used on a regular basis, rather than wheeling it back and forth into a shed or garage each and every time you want to make use of it.

The fabric has been specially designed and manufactured to be soft and flexible enough for easy fitting and removal, yet tough enough to cope with even the most extreme weather. Safe and secure, your cover will remain in place even in high winds. Show your oven just how much you love it with this top quality cover that delivers a perfect fit and ensures that everything from dead leaves and insects to rain and snow always stays on the outside of your oven.

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