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Alfa Pizza Cookbook

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Product Features:
  • Authentic Italian recipes for wood fired ovens
  • Written in Italian and English
  • 25 inspiring recipes to choose from
  • 80 pages
  • Size: 25cm x 21cm x 3cm
Price: £27.00
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One of the great things about pizza ovens is that they are so versatile, in terms of what you can cook. The only problem with this is that it can sometimes be difficult to choose from the endless list of possibilities. That’s where the Alfa Pizza Cook Book comes in.

The book can offer some much-need inspiration, not because you’ll be short of things to cook if you invest in a pizza oven, but because there’s simply so much choice.

Remember that these wood-fired ovens are suitable for much more than just deliciously doughy pizzas. They can be used to rustle up everything from crisp-skinned fish and melting meat joints to sourdough bread, scorched aubergine casserole and the best roast potatoes you’re ever likely to taste. They can even be used to bake cakes! Who needs to pay the over-inflated prices of the best artisan bakeries or pizzeria, when you can use your very own pizza oven?

The Alfa Pizza Cook Book, in turn, brings a delightfully Italian touch to your menus. Could there be anything better to cook in a pizza oven than a recipe written in Italian? Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian, however, as the recipes are also given in English.

Whatever language you speak, the Alfa Pizza Cook Book’s recipes are easy enough for even a novice to manage, offering a simple-to-follow guide to creating delicious dishes in your wood-fired oven. Regardless of your cooking ability, you won’t be able to resist the invitation to ‘cook with us’ or ‘cucina con noi’, once you’ve seen the kind of mouthwatering meals you can prepare.

The Alfa Pizza Cook Book caters for all culinary abilities and a wood fired oven makes it incredibly easy to impress your friends and family with authentic Italian fare - or whatever you choose to cook. All you have to do is choose your favourite recipe from the Alfa Pizza Cook Book - or just start at the first and work your way through - and then let the show begin.

Every one of the recipes is perfect for creating the cookery drama that pizza ovens can provide. You really can’t compare sliding a frozen Hawaiian into the oven in your kitchen to the excitement of pulling out a stunningly smoky creation from your own pizza oven.

The Alfa Pizza Cook Book gives a clear idea of just how versatile wood fired pizza ovens can be. There is almost nothing that these things can't cook - whether you want bread with the sort of crust you simply cannot create in a traditional oven, or you decide to close the door and braise dishes for a whole day and night. There's a reason why this type of cooking has been popular for 6,000 years!

Once you’ve tasted some of the dishes from the cook book, you’ll be hooked. Just be warned, you might never want to eat at one of the big brand pizza restaurants again, once you’ve mastered the Neapolitan trick of pizza throwing and can ‘dibble’, flop spin and stretch with the best.

One of the great things about the recipes in this book is that there’s also plenty of choice if you want dinner in a rush. It’s a good job that there are lots of options for fast food, as you won’t want to wait a minute more than you have to, once you see how good the choices look.

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