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Alfa Pizza Complete Pizza Making Kit

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Product Features:
  • Everything you need to create delicious pizzas
  • High quality, food certified equipment
  • Comes with pizza cookbook
  • Heat-resistant glove included
  • Available in two sizes
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The Pizzaiolo kit contains everything you need to create delicious, home baked pizzas. In the kit you will find a selection of high quality tools, enabling you to produce professional standard pizzas for your friends and family. If you've always wanted to recreate your favourite restaurant pizzas in your own home but aren't sure where to start, this is the kit for you.

The kit consists of the following:

- a pizza peel

- a round peel

- an ember-mover

- a brass oven brush

- a small wooden paddle

- a dough ball box

- a laser thermometer

- a small paddle

- a pastry cutter

- a large wooden pizza plate

- a pizza wheel cutter

- a chopping board

- a heat-resistant glove

- a cookbook

All items in the kit are manufactured to extremely high standards in Italy, so you can be confident you are getting durable and efficient tools. Each item is food certified and designed to give you the best possible user experience. Many of the tools are handmade, and all of them meet superior quality standards.

The kit is available in two different peel lengths, 90cm or 120cm. The 90cm set is suitable for Ciao, 5 Minuti or Pizza e Brace ovens, whilst the 120cm set is suitable for 4 Pizze and Allegro ovens.

The pizza peel is used to place your prepared pizza in the oven. The peel's rounded edge means it's quick and simple to place the pizza inside the oven. The round peel is designed to be straightforward to use, is sturdy, durable and lightweight. This is a useful implement for managing the pizza whilst it is in the oven and ideal for turning the pizza. These peels are made from brushed stainless steel with a wooden handle, so you don’t need to get too close to the heat source. When it comes to removing your pizza from the hot oven, you can make use of the heat-resistant 100% cotton glove supplied in your kit.

For serving your finished pizza, use the large wooden pizza plate with grooves to make it easier to cut. The Pizza wheel cutter will slice through your pizza with quickly and efficiently, and what’s even better it comes apart so you can wash it anytime you like!

The ember-mover enables you to prepare the oven floor, moving ash, embers and burning wood to the side whilst the brass brush is effective for cleaning the oven and preserving the refractory floor.

If you really want to impress your guests, make authentic dough balls using the small paddle included in your kit. The stainless steel blade of the supplied pastry cutter slides smoothly through dough, leaving you with neat and uniform dough balls. The paddle is designed to make handling the balls easy and to give you the best possible results. A dough ball box is also included in your kit to ensure your dough balls can rise and prove in optimum conditions. The box fits easily into any standard home refrigerator.

To ensure professional and consistent results every time, your kit comes complete with a handy infrared thermometer that allows you to accurately read temperatures in any part of your oven. This means no more guessing or hoping for the best - get a crisp, perfectly cooked pizza every single time.

You might already have lots of ideas for delicious tasting pizzas, but if you need a little inspiration, you'll be delighted to learn a high quality cookbook is included in the Pizzaiolo kit. Featuring a variety of pizza recipes, you're sure to get some new ideas or learn how to perfect old favourites.

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