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Alfa Pizza Arco Pizza Peel Holder

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Product Features:
  • Ideal accessory for storing tools
  • Dimensions: 31 x 47 x 65cm
  • Choice of 5 great colours
  • Sleek, ergonomic and flexible design
  • Tools not included
Price: £240.00
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This Arco peel holder is specially designed to be the ideal companion when you are cooking with a wood oven. The perfect place to keep all your necessary accessories - including wood and pizza peels - this professional piece of equipment will solve all your storage needs, making it even easier to produce fabulous food on demand. And, as a bonus, this peel holder is available in a range of cool colours (grey, copper, red, dark green and yellow), meaning you’ll be able to pick out one that is guaranteed to fit in with the design of your outside entertaining space.

Which Peel? - A good quality peel is so intrinsic to preparing a delicious pizza, but you may be wondering which variety will suit your needs best. Should you opt for a wooden peel on which to build your pizza and then place it in the oven, or would you rather make it on a nearby flat surface (perhaps in the kitchen) and then simply transfer it to a metal peel for cooking?

Professional Choice - Many pizza aficionados opt to build their delicious pizzas on a smooth, cool surface (granite or marble worktops are good) and then slide a metal peel under it to transfer it to the hot oven.

Long Handles - Aluminium is probably the best metal for your peel, as it has a slippery quality meaning that both bread and pizza will slide easily off it once cooked. If your oven is of a size big enough to accommodate several pizzas at one time, you should shop around for a peel with a handle long enough to reach right to the back.

Quick and Easy - Alternatively, lots of homeowners opt to put their pizzas together on a short wooden pizza peel, then place them into the oven using a metal peel. This technique is a good way to reduce the risk of your yummy pizza sticking to the preparation surface.

Space Allowing - The last option open to you is to assemble your pizza on a long handled peel and then simply place it into the oven. In this way you are pretty much guaranteed a great result, though many of us don’t have the space to do so, particularly if you are planning on making multiple pizzas. If you are only putting together one or two though, this is a great way to go.

You will also need to consider an ember-mover so that you can move ash, embers and wood around the oven, as necessary, and an oven brush so that you can keep your oven clean and refractory floor in top condition.

The more you use your wood fired oven for, the more tools you are likely to have and need at your finger tips!

Stylish Storage - the Arco peel holder is an ideal way of storing and organising everything you need for perfect pizzas every time. The unique and attractive design in coloured stainless steel makes this a useful centrepiece for your outdoor oven, in a fabulous choice of colours.

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