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Paella Pan Gift set 46cm Complete Paella Set

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Product Features:
  • 46cm Polished Steel Paella Pan (8 portions)
  • Includes a stainless steel Paella Skimming Spoon
  • Genuine Spanish ingredients to recreate an authentic paella
  • Perfect gift for any foodie
  • Fabulous quality set
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Paella is a popular Spanish dish, originating from the Valencia region. It started out as a peasant dish, utilising any ingredients that were readily and cheaply available. There are a variety of types of paella, meat, seafood, mixed or vegetarian.

It’s the original one-pot dish and a sociable, yet informal sharing dish best served straight from the pan.

The 46cm paellera is big enough for a party of 8, with a heavy base that will help you to achieve the socarrat (crunchy layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the pan). It comes with a long handled stainless steel paella spoon, perfect for mixing and serving the paella.

3kg paella rice in a cotton sack, two packets of Paellero Valenciana paella seasoning, 3 litres Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a 75g tin of Carmencita Sweet Paprika and Ground Saffron Threads are all included to help you make the perfect Paella, just add meat, vegetables or seafood of your choice.

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