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Paella Pan Catering Set for 60 people

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Product Features:
  • Suitable for a paella party of up to 60 people
  • Four ring gas burner which can accommodate pans from 36-100cm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can also be used for other cooking methods e.g., griddles and grills
  • Includes polished steel traditional 100cm paella pan, stand and special paella spoon
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Ever wanted to throw a paella party, but found your kitchen sadly lacking? With this amazing paella catering set, you'll be ready for the fiesta and set to spice up your kitchen with vibrant Spanish cooking.

The set incorporates an optimally designed paella pan, a 70cm four ring professional gas burner, which even the most scrupulous Spanish cocineros would be proud to own, a stand and a paella spoon. Get ready to be inspired by this diverse and exciting cooking method, which those who have experienced it - in or out of Spain - can tell you is the pinnacle of mass catering fun. There is no easier method of catering for large numbers as rustling up a huge pan of fresh, spicy and exotic paella.

It comes with a 100cm paella pan, made out of polished steel. This is the traditional type of pan used in Valencia, the home of paella. These original paella pans are durable yet relatively light and will be suitable for use either on the gas or on an open flame, if you ever fancy having a shot at a more primitive method! With a 100cm pan, you can prepare a paella dish for up to 60 people as a main course, and as many as 85 people as a starter or as part of a taster or tapas menu. The pan will do you proud for years of paella party catering, and can be used all night without any sticking. The bottom of the pan is dimpled for even heat distribution, and this also helps to conduct heat more evenly. This is what helps prevent sticking and also promotes even cooking.

The heat for the paella set is supplied by a 70cm gas burner with four rings, which runs on butane or propane. This comes complete with thermocouple safety valves on each of the rings, making it approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The thermocouple valve means that in the event of flame failure, the gas will cut out, preventing noxious fumes from flowing into the atmosphere. Because of this feature, the burner is approved for use in both enclosed and semi enclosed spaces.

The paella burner can be used with paelleras (paella pans, if you are in the know) of up to 100cm, with 36cm being the smallest suitable size. The two inner rings are regulated by the same knob, and the two outer rings by their own controls, giving you maximum flexibility to adjust the heat as necessary when cooking your paella. The burner is enamelled for easy, effortless cleaning.

Gas is a lovely source of heat for your paella creations, because it allows you to stay in control and easily adjust the heat if things are getting a bit heavy. Gas is also a very safe and clean cooking method, and most people who have experienced it are reluctant to go back to other heat sources afterwards.

A reinforced tripod stand provides a comfortable height at which to cook. Simply mount your paella burner on the 75cm high stand and secure with the thumb screws for a solid, stable platform to work from.

A handy and traditional skimming spoon is included, which has a length of 65cm to prevent burns. It has a low maintenance stainless steel head and wooden handle. Perfect for spreading the rice and stirring the fresh ingredients with its large, flat surface area. Viva paella!

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